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Red Hair: Care And Hairstyles For The Rare Color


Few people in the world have naturally red hair, yet it is extremely popular. We reveal the most important facts & tips about red hair.

Red Hair: Care and Hairstyles For The Rare Color

Red Hair: All Facts & Tips for Redheads

Only around one to two percent of people in the world have naturally red hair, and the proportion in Germany is similar. Even though northern Europe and especially the British Isles are known as a stronghold of people with reddish hair, they can be found all over the world – including in Central Asia. The genetic predisposition for this is called rutile. This not only leads to red hair but usually also to light, light-sensitive skin that tends to form freckles.

The naturally occurring tones of red hair vary almost as much as the color palette in the drugstore: from reddish-blond hair with a slight red tinge to reddish-orange hair and reddish-brown hair.

Dyeing red hair: what do I have to consider?

If you don't have natural red hair yourself, you can easily dye it yourself or have it dyed by a hairdresser, in a wide variety of shades. You can also tint your hair in different shades from auburn to copper red with different products - which is useful if you want to test whether the color is even for you. Even those who want to use natural products can dye their hair red: there are hair colors based on henna in drugstores.

If the initial hair color is dark and a light red is desired, then the hair must first be lightened. Otherwise intense reflections will not be visible. However, there is always a danger with artificially lightened hair: it tends to get an unnatural orange tinge. If a big change is desired, for example from very dark to red-blonde hair, the hairdresser should be consulted.

Which shade of red suits me?

Shades reminiscent of natural red hair suit people with light skin and light eyes. This corresponds to copper-colored or red-orange hair. Bright tones like cherry red or violet are suitable for golden brown or olive skin. Those who have blonde hair harmonize particularly well with red-blonde hair. If you have black hair, you can go for a dark cherry red.

Cool red tones such as cherry red, burgundy red, or aubergine go well with a cool skin type. Warm peachy skin also complements warm tones well, such as copper or rose gold.

Proper care for red hair

If you have dyed red hair, you should use products for colored hair for the care. However, only 24 to 48 hours after dyeing. You should not wash your hair for that long - this is the only way for the pigments to be optimally stored in the hair. Reddish hair requires more maintenance than other hair colors. Because the red pigment is smaller than the blonde or brown and washes out of the cuticle more easily.

To get red, you can use special shampoos and conditioners with red pigments. This is how new shine comes into the hair. UV protection products are also useful - both for people with natural red hair and those with dyed red hair. Because red pigments are sensitive to light and fade quickly.


Hairstyles for red hair

There are many suitable hairstyles for red and reddish hair. People with natural red hair usually have less hair than blondes or brunettes, only around 90,000 instead of 100,000 or 120,000, according to However, their hair is often thicker and turns gray later than other hair colors. Due to the thickness of the hair, redheads can therefore wear short hairstyles, but hairstyles with bangs also go well.

Red hair: These are the trendy hairstyles and colors

This year, hairstyles based on the trends and stars of the 1970s are particularly in demand: layers, bangs, and volume.

In general, red has been popular since the beginning of 2021 at the latest: Anya Taylor-Joy and the Netflix hit series "Frauengambit" certainly has something to do with it - even though the main character Beth in the book actually has brown hair.

Red hair: These are the trendy hairstyles and colors | Red Hair: Care and Hairstyles For The Rare Color
Red hair: These are the trendy hairstyles and colors | Red Hair: Care and Hairstyles For The Rare Color
Instagram: @anyataylorjoy

Overall, the trend with red tones is moving away from red-orange hair and towards natural red hair. Pastel tones such as rose gold are also currently on a break. Also, red hair is now getting darker—and often tends toward auburn.

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