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French Twist Bun Is The Chicest Bun Hairstyle For Spring


Whether party, office, or a wedding: The "French Twist Bun" always fits and the bun is styled in seconds...

French Twist Bun is The Chicest Bun Hairstyle for Spring

Bun hairstyles are and will always be a trend. No wonder, after all, they not only look cool and casual but are also (usually) styled very quickly and easily. We have already shown you the popular cord knot bun that is perfect for long hair. But the “Sleek Bun” or the “Olaplex Bun” have also inspired us in recent months. Now there is a new variant of the bun, which is similar to the other hairstyles, but has one decisive advantage: it can be used universally. The "French Twist Bun" is great for everyday wear, is chic enough for the office, and can be combined with a veil, for example, making it the perfect bridal hairstyle. We will now explain exactly how the “French Twist Bun” works.

French Twist Bun is The Chicest Bun Hairstyle for Spring | French Twist Bun is The Chicest Bun Hairstyle for Spring



"French Twist Bun": This is how the chic bun hairstyle works

Of course, we also have TikTok to thank for this new trend hairstyle. Under the hashtag #easyhairstyle, user @emilymholland has made the “French twist bun” a trend. In the video, she shows how easy it is to style the glamorous bun. All you need are two thin hair ties. First, gather all your hair and tie it in a ponytail. In the last step, however, the hair is not pulled through completely, but only halfway, creating a loop. This should be about medium-sized. Put the remaining hair or tips to the left or right and tie the second hair tie around the tips. Now you put the end part back over the bun and wrap it around it. Finally, fix with hairpins and hide the tips. This hairstyle requires a certain length of hair so that the tips are long enough. The French twist bun works best on medium to long hair. Finally, loosen up the hair with your fingertips to give the hairstyle more volume.

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