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Skincare: 5 Tips For The Perfect Winter Glow On Your Skin


Dry areas on the face are annoying and in winter the thin skin suffers particularly from the cool and dry air. So what to do We have five tips for you on how not to lose your glow in winter.

Skincare: 5 Tips For The Perfect Winter Glow On Your Skin
Say war on tired and dull winter skin and get your radiance back with our tips.

The same thing every year: It's getting cooler outside, the first heaters come on and bang, there it is again - the dry winter skin! The scaly patches are particularly annoying on the face. They dull your complexion and make the morning beauty routine a test of patience. In order to finally get rid of the dry spots and effectively prevent them, the motto is moisture, moisture, and even more moisture. Therefore, there are a few things you should pay attention to in your daily care routine. With our tips, you can optimally hydrate your skin so that it looks fresh again in no time and also shines wonderfully in winter.

1. A look at the back

Dry skin needs a lot of and above all high-quality care. When buying care products, a look at the ingredients is therefore always a must. You shouldn't treat your irritated skin with unnecessary additives such as B. pollute fragrances and dyes. That is why certified natural cosmetics are an absolute must! And with this insider tip, you don't have to spend a fortune on the special treatment: The certified and excellent natural cosmetic products contain predominantly natural and organically produced ingredients. Essential and vegetable oils work wonders in the carefully coordinated and vegan care formulas and you can easily get them in retail stores e.g.

2. Your skin likes it soft rather than hard

Correct make-up removal is an important factor in the fight against dry spots. The principle here applies: gently but thoroughly. Daily facial cleansing is extremely important for a glowing complexion, even if you are not wearing makeup. Because impurities and excess sebum also make your face appear dull and dry. Aggressive cleaning products and excessive rubbing, however, are the absolutely wrong way to go. Rather, use products that not only gently cleanse, but also give something back to your skin, e.g. B. with chamomile, cucumber extract, or aloe vera. You should also combine matching cleaning products from the same care range. First, remove superficial soiling with a light cleansing milk or a cleansing foam, and then apply a cleansing gel for deep cleansing. So your face is ready for the next step.

3. Lots of creams, but really, please!

Face creams with aloe vera, which you can use daily, are an absolute miracle weapon against dried-out areas. They provide your skin with moisture and essential nutrients while also being soothing. Because the desert plant contains a valuable combination of active ingredients from up to 200 different minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. But not all aloe vera products are created equal! Here, too, you should rely on organic products. The gel-cream is quickly absorbed thanks to its light texture and its natural lipids from organic sunflower oil and organic shea butter support the barrier function of your skin, while the serum provides long-lasting and intensive moisture. Wrinkles caused by dryness are reduced and your skin optimally cares for every day.


4. Hydro-boost: that extra kick of moisture

Unfortunately, daily maintenance is not always enough. Therefore, you should regularly boost your skin with an extra portion of moisture, e.g. B. with an ampoule cure. The nourishing ingredients are highly concentrated in the small bottles. In this way, you can treat dry areas in a targeted manner and over several days. The moisture deposits in your skin are replenished and a pleasant protective film is formed at the same time, which effectively counteracts moisture loss.

For the absolute spa moment, an intensive sheet mask with aloe vera like the sheet mask is simply perfect. It is best to use the mask shortly after your shower or during a bath session. The warm water makes your skin particularly absorbent and at the same time needs extensive care. The soft cotton mask hugs your skin gently and the highly concentrated gel serum is absorbed deeply into the layers of the skin. Wait a few minutes and voilà! Your face is refreshed, regenerated and optimally hydrated.

A little extra tip: while the care effect unfolds, you can gently rub the mask with a beauty roller or a large spoon. The light massage stimulates the blood circulation and the gel-serum can be absorbed even better.

5. Take care of yourself

This tip may sound banal, but you can support your complexion and skin texture from the outside as well as from the inside. A balanced and healthy diet can be just as helpful as avoiding nicotine and alcohol. The absolute to-do, however, and this is definitely not the first time you have heard this: drink, drink and drink more. A balanced water balance is important for your body. At least 1-2 liters of water a day are essential for your natural skin moisture and a vitalized appearance. Together with a gentle care routine and high-quality, moisturizing care products, you are optimally protected against dry winter air. So, let the cold days come!

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