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Beauty Trend For Eyebrow Transplants: Is This How You Can Fill Your Brows Forever?


Beauty trend: this is how you can fill your brows forever with an eyebrow transplant...

Narrowly plucked eyebrows drawn in fine lines on the skin (as they were once iconic at Twiggy and then became popular again in the 1990s) have long been a thing of the past. For some years now, the opposite, namely thick, full brows, has been considered ideal - although very few are naturally blessed with them. The selection of beauty essentials for thickening and optimizing fine, plucked eyebrows is correspondingly large - from growth-promoting serums (which, however, only have an effect after weeks of consistent use) to classic brow pencils and powders, with the help of which the brows are drawn back day after day to semi-permanent microblade and permanent make-up that is carved deep into the skin as fake brows.

Beauty Trend For Eyebrow Transplants: Is This How You Can Fill Your Brows Forever?
Thick, full eyebrows are considered an ideal of beauty - but very few have by nature.

Anyone who has grown tired of it can make the dream of thick, full eyebrows come true with a minimally invasive eyebrow transplant. With a result that initially disappears, but then lasts forever. The details of the treatment are explained by Dr. med. Robin Deb, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and founder of the Central Aesthetics practice in Frankfurt am Main.

Beauty Trend For Eyebrow Transplants: Is This How You Can Fill Your Brows Forever?
Plucked over, gaps in brows can be thickened hair by hair using the minimally invasive treatment.

Beauty trend for full brows over the long term: This is how an eyebrow transplant works

An eyebrow transplant is a minimally invasive procedure in which the experienced surgeon fills in gaps, fine or plucked eyebrows via individual hair transplants, and stimulates long-term revitalized, full brow growth. For this purpose, individual hairs including roots (for example on the back of the head or a suitable part of the body) are first removed from the patient with the help of a particularly fine hollow needle and, in a second step, reinserted into the skin along the brow line. In order to enable a maximally natural result, the direction of growth of the eyebrows as well as various aesthetic aspects is taken into account (such as the coordination with the skin and hair type). But: an eyebrow transplant requires patience because as a result of the treatment, most of the transplanted hairs initially fall out before they grow back healthy and strong.

After about 4-5 months, the result is permanent. "As with any hair transplant, there is also a risk that the body will reject the hair," says Dr. Deb to consider. “However, this rarely happens. As a rule, the result of an eyebrow transplant lasts for a lifetime ”. The costs vary from person to person and are calculated based on the individual hair transplants required and the time required for the treatment. Around one hundred individual hairs may be required per eyebrow, depending on whether only gaps are to be filled in or the brow needs to be completely reconstructed.

The right pre- and post-treatment for an eyebrow transplant

Appropriate pre- and post-treatment are important so that the eyebrow transplant runs as smoothly as possible and the result is as desired. "As before any surgical procedure, you should consistently refrain from taking painkillers containing acetylsalicylic acid about ten days before the procedure," warns Dr. Deb. In addition, on the day of the eyebrow transplant, you should avoid fatty care products and make-up if possible and appear with clean, natural skin. Before the procedure, the brow area is then locally anesthetized with a special ointment.

Possible skin reactions that occur spontaneously immediately after the treatment, such as swelling, redness, or slight wound pain, can be treated and relieved well with cooling packs - they usually subside completely during the day. In order to support wound healing, it is also advisable to avoid skin-irritating textures and treatments, peelings, saunas, and exercise for about one to two weeks.

Note: complications and risks

Anyone who has ever seen pictures of unsuccessful brow treatment with permanent make-up or microblading may also have concerns about surgically assisted brow modeling - even though minimally invasive methods such as these are generally considered to be comparatively low-risk. “An eyebrow transplant carries very few health risks. It does create scars, but these are only punctual and are usually so fine that they cannot be seen with the naked eye, ”says Dr. Deb all clear. The prerequisite is always that the treating doctor has the experience and is qualified for hair transplants in general and aesthetic facial treatments and eyebrow transplants in particular.

The right pre- and post-treatment for an eyebrow transplant | Beauty Trend For Eyebrow Transplants: Is This How You Can Fill Your Brows Forever?
With a brow balm, the eyebrows stay in shape and look natural and well-groomed.

Beauty tips for those who are still hesitating:

Special care and make-up essentials, such as growth-promoting serums, modeling balms, or optically thickening pencils and powder, ensure full, beautiful eyebrows immediately and without any surgical intervention...

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