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Fall Hairstyle Trends: 3 Uncomplicated Haircuts For Fall 2023


If you had to get to the heart of the new season's hairstyle trends, it would be the informality that connects them. Because: Accurate, angular lines and elaborate stylings are yesterday - there is much more growing desire in autumn and winter 2021 for a much more relaxed look that does not have to be worked on for hours with a hairdryer and straightening iron, looks wonderfully casual, with soft, flowing transitions across the Shoulders fall and therefore do not have to be constantly trimmed.

Fall Hairstyle Trends: 3 Uncomplicated Haircuts For Fall 2023
The haircuts for fall 2021 are modern, trend-conscious, and incredibly practical. We present the uncomplicated hairstyle trends.

The question remains, what exactly does such a trendy hairstyle look like? We have analyzed the haircuts for the new season and introduce you to our three favorites that require zero styling effort and score with modern nonchalance.

Hairstyle trends for fall 2021: 3 haircuts that require zero styling

1. Grungy Bob

1. Grungy Bob | Fall Hairstyle Trends: 3 Uncomplicated Haircuts For Fall 2023
1. Grungy Bob | Fall Hairstyle Trends: 3 Uncomplicated Haircuts For Fall 2023
Instagram: @chloehelenmiles

For a long time, it was the accurate blunt bob that dominated the Pinterest and Instagram feed - but in autumn 2021 this will finally be replaced by more casual bob versions. One of the favorites of the new season is the grungy bob, which is inspired by the grunge look of the 1990s. Its distinguishing feature? The grungy bob is characterized by a short, chin-length length that gives the look an androgynous touch; the tips end at one length.

However, these do not have to form a clean line - on the contrary. The tips can be a bit frayed and look as if you have let your hair grow back for a few months. The grungy bob can also be easily stepped towards the chin. And: smoothing is taboo! The grungy bob is worn slightly disheveled and should be air-dried for a natural, casual texture.

2. Invisible Layers

2. Invisible Layers | Fall Hairstyle Trends: 3 Uncomplicated Haircuts For Fall 2023
Instagram: @alexachung

The hairstyle trend for lazy haircuts works fabulously with longer hair too. If you wear these at shoulder, chest, or XXL length, you can freshen up your mane this autumn, for example with a trendy step cut. This is now cut less frayed, because: In autumn, steps nestle almost invisibly into the hair and thus ensure a subtle layering look that still gives the hair volume and curl.

Invisible layers are also totally uncomplicated, because thanks to the ingenious layers, the hair falls perfectly over the shoulder without hours of blow-drying, straightening, and combing and looks even less cool with natural waves à la Alexa Chung (see above) in the hair.


3. Wolf Cut

3. Wolf Cut | Fall Hairstyle Trends: 3 Uncomplicated Haircuts For Fall 2023
Instagram: @cathywolf

If you like it a little less wild, you should make a note of the mega-trend for the wolf cut for autumn. The hairstyle can currently be seen everywhere on TikTok and promises to be big in the new season. This combines two retro haircuts in one look because the wolf cut is a kind of cross between mullet and shag.

This means that the hair is cut into a modern mullet, which is characterized by volume on the top of the head, many fringed layers, and thinned lengths. The wolf cut is also preferably worn with casual, extra-long forehead fringes and looks a bit wild due to its tiered look, which gives it its name. The following also applies to this hairstyle trend: the more disheveled and rockier the styling, the better - you can confidently do without a hairdryer, straightening iron, and curling iron with this new haircut.

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