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Shoulder Length Hairstyles: 5 Cuts That Provide Variety


Could you use some hairstyle inspiration for shoulder length hair? Here are 5 beautiful haircuts - from super trendy to easy to care for.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles: 5 Cuts That Provide Variety

Because of transition length! Medium length hair is great and incredibly versatile. It can still be tied together well in summer or during sports and can already appear like a completely new look with small changes to the haircut.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles: 5 Cuts That Provide Variety

If you can still use a little inspiration and are looking for beautiful hairstyles for shoulder-length hair, watch out: We have selected 5 haircuts for you that immediately provide variety - from trendy to uncomplicated and easy to care for.

1. Clavi Cut

Numerous fashion bloggers, stars, and models, such as Stefanie Giesinger, have made the clavi cut big. The shoulder-length hairstyle creates the optimal transition between a bob and a long haircut. The name of the popular haircut comes from the English word "clavicle", which means 'collarbone' in German. This is exactly where the hair ends with the clavi cut.

Your hairstyle is particularly beautiful if the front strands of hair next to the face are a little longer than the rest. This makes for a look like fresh from the hairdresser. Particularly great about the clavi cut: the haircut flatters almost every face shape and can be worn with straight hair as well as curly.

1. Clavi Cut | Shoulder Length Hairstyles: 5 Cuts That Provide Variety

2. French cut

Another beautiful haircut for hair that ends at shoulder length is the French cut. As the name of the hairstyle suggests, we copied the French cut from French women. The timeless cut is particularly impressive because of the slightly too long bangs, which are wiped off the face during styling so that they end approximately at eye level.

We particularly like the intentional "undone look" of the French cut. The hair shouldn't lie perfectly, which is what makes the hairstyle look so casual. Also great: The shoulder-length hairstyle works both as a long bob and with longer hair, but also as a classic, short bob.

2. French cut | Shoulder Length Hairstyles: 5 Cuts That Provide Variety

3. Long bob

One hairstyle that just never goes out of style and has been with us for many years is the long bob. The slightly longer bob variety is one of the top haircuts for shoulder-length hair. What makes the long bob so popular is its straightforward styling. The medium-length cut also looks great without any effort.

Beach waves or straightened hair look good with a long bob, but they are absolutely not a must. Even without a curling iron and straightening iron, the haircut makes it possible to wear hair very differently: from an elegant, low-set bun to a trendy half-bun to romantic braided hairstyles.

3. Long bob | Shoulder Length Hairstyles: 5 Cuts That Provide Variety


4. Shag Hair Cut with XL Bangs

Are you looking for a slightly more exciting haircut for shoulder-length hair? Then the shag haircut could be just right for you. The cool haircut is characterized by its layers throughout the hair, creating multiple layers of hair. The steps make the hair fall more interestingly even without styling and provide movement.

Layered hair looks particularly rocky in combination with fringed XL bangs. If you want a feminine look, you can also wear the Shag Hair Cut with curtain bangs, i.e. a pony that ends at eye level and is parted in the middle. So that the shoulder-length step-cut does not lie flat on the head, but falls nicely and loosely, we recommend that you apply a structure spray or some hair foam to your hair after washing. This makes it easier to grip and gives it the desired volume.

4. Shag Hair Cut with XL Bangs | Shoulder Length Hairstyles: 5 Cuts That Provide Variety

5. Long bob with bangs worn to the side

Another nice way to add a bit of variety to the shoulder-length haircut is a pony that falls loosely over the forehead to the side. The shorter strands of hair on the front of the face act like a makeover and make the hairstyle look less severe overall.

And the bangs don't just give you a completely new look when your hair is loose. Any other hairstyle, such as an elegant, deeply tied ponytail or a trendy messy bun looks fresher and more playful with bangs.

5. Long bob with bangs worn to the side | Shoulder Length Hairstyles: 5 Cuts That Provide Variety

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