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"Friends"-Ikone Jennifer Aniston: "Rachel"-Frisur: Diese Tools Retten Jetzt Deinen Stufenschnitt


Your step pattern is growing out? Then get inspiration from a real cult hairstyle: A styling based on Jennifer Aniston's "Rachel Cut" from the "Friends" series can save him now. You can do it with these tools.

When hairstylist Chris McMillan created the iconic "Rachel Hairstyle" in 1994, no one could have guessed how much this hairstyle would go through the roof. Bold steps, voluminous back of the head, and blonde highlights: the famous hairstyle inspired thousands of young people who ran to the hairdresser en masse. Everyone just wanted one thing: to look exactly like Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel Green.

Especially when your tiered cut is growing out, you can breathe new life into it with the "Rachel" styling. But of course, you also need the right tools to style the "Rachel-Cut".

1. Haircare as a basic requirement

Balanced care is the most important basis for every hairstyle. Because when styling the "Rachel Hairstyle" heat is definitely used - and it is known to damage the hair. So before you start styling, you should pamper and care for your hair regularly. A rich hair oil that does not weigh down your strands is well suited for this.

So that you do not harm them with bad beauty products, you should make sure that this hair oil does not contain any silicone. These do the opposite of good care: In the long run, they dry your hair out from the inside! Moroccanoil hair oil is an absolute classic and also ensures that your hair smells irresistible.

2. Straighteners & Co: Volume is everything

The "Rachel hairstyle" lives from the volume that comes from the layered hair. But not everyone has such voluminous hair right from the start - one or the other has to help. There are various options for doing this: For beginners, we recommend working with the straightening iron. After drying, just get started and be careful not to straighten the tips with - otherwise you will take away the volume of the hair.

Alternatively, you can work with round brushes - but this technique requires a little more tact. With a little practice, you can do this very easily. Simply brush individual strands of hair outwards while blow-drying and you will give your hair the right volume kick.

2. Straighteners & Co: Volume is everything | "Friends"-Ikone Jennifer Aniston: "Rachel"-Frisur: Diese Tools retten jetzt deinen Stufenschnitt
Instagram: @jenanistonshair

3. Make your hairstyle durable - with the right hairspray

If you've already made the effort to recreate the iconic "Rachel cut", then you should also make sure that your work doesn't vanish into thin air after half an hour. Therefore, you should get yourself a good fixing or hairspray that sets your hairstyle without your hair becoming uncomfortably sticky. We recommend a spray like Style on Steroids from Color Wow, which gives your hair texture at the same time. Because that is the be-all and end-all of the "Rachel Hairstyle". When the hairstyle sits and is fixed, you can finally present your Rachel look to the world!


Why didn't Jennifer Aniston like this hairstyle?

We all love the iconic 90s look - and we still do! From Selena Gomez to Chrissy Teigen, in the last few years, we have seen many modern variations of the "Rachel Cut". Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, could never really get used to the look. So the hairstyle disappeared after the first two seasons of the series. But that was not due to the looks, on the contrary: Aniston complained that she could no longer style her hair herself without professional help. Fortunately, in times of Youtube tutorials & Co, this is no longer a problem!

Most Popular Rachel Green Hairstyles

If you feel like Jennifer Aniston despite styling tips and you'd rather do without the eye-catching tiered cut, then you can switch to other stylish Rachel looks. After all, there are some of them. Maybe there is something for you here?


This hairstyle accompanies Rachel Green especially in the sixth and seventh seasons and shows her great blonde hair mane. With casual layers, the hair skilfully plays around the face. The nice thing about this cut: All styling options remain open to you.

SMOOTHED & CLASSIFIED: LONG HAIR | "Friends"-Ikone Jennifer Aniston: "Rachel"-Frisur: Diese Tools retten jetzt deinen Stufenschnitt
Instagram: @rachel__green___


In the seventh season of Friends, Rachel dares to take a bold step: a classic 2000 short bob is needed. We can't help but love this Rachel Green look too!

SHORT BOB | "Friends"-Ikone Jennifer Aniston: "Rachel"-Frisur: Diese Tools retten jetzt deinen Stufenschnitt


If you'd rather think again about whether layered hair is right for you, you can still easily implement the Rachel Green look! With Hair Clips, you can elegantly put your hair back and translate the 90s look into 2021.

WITH HAIR CLIPS: UPPER HAIRSTYLE | "Friends"-Ikone Jennifer Aniston: "Rachel"-Frisur: Diese Tools retten jetzt deinen Stufenschnitt
Instagram: @friends.clasicos

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