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Hair Frosting Is New Balayage! This Is How The Hair Coloring Technique Works


Hair frosting is the hairstyle trend for spring 2022 that replaces balayage - and looks supernatural.

As soon as we have the first quarter of the year behind us, it is teeming with hairstyle trends that we have marked for the upcoming hairdressing appointments in the coming months. In spring 2022, this list will be expanded to include a new dyeing technique for our hair - and you really can't avoid it if you want a natural, but still special look: hair frosting! The almost unbelievable thing is that this new hairstyle trend is actually supposed to kick the classic balayage off the throne. It's already conquering hairdressing salons in London - and here in Germany, too, hair frosting is becoming increasingly popular. Would you like to test the new hair color? Don't be afraid, you will definitely like the result!

Hair Frosting is New Balayage! This is How The Hair Coloring Technique Works
Balayage was yesterday - in spring 2022 the hairstyle trend is called hair frosting! What's behind the new dyeing technique - here!

Hair Frosting is New Balayage! This is How The Hair Coloring Technique Works
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Hair frosting will replace balayage in spring!

Balayage is an all-rounder, a dyeing technique with which you can't go wrong, which has meanwhile developed into classic par excellence and is constantly appearing in new variants - balayage is, so to speak, the jeans among the hairstyle trends. Nonetheless, spring 2022 is the time when hair frosting will take the lead as a new trend – and with good reason.

Hair frosting gives a natural finish, but at the same time impresses with a look that – albeit subtly – stands out. As the name of the hairstyle trend suggests, the colored strands are intended to remind us of frost that spreads over the trees in winter. But you can also imagine a sun-kissed head of hair, where some strands stand out while others seem to have escaped the sun.

Hair frosting will replace balayage in spring! | Hair Frosting is New Balayage! This is How The Hair Coloring Technique Works
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Balayage vs. Hair Frosting: What's the Difference and Which Hairstyle Trend is Better?

Yes, both balayage and hair frosting are coloring techniques that lighten individual strands. And yet there is a small but decisive difference from the classic to the hairstyle trend in spring 2022: Instead of using several nuances - including warm, buttery tones - to set individual sections apart from the rest of the hair, as with balayage, only cool ones are used with hair frosting Blonde shades that stand out with a contrast against the rest of the darker hair, which is left completely untouched. This creates a multi-faceted finish that is dynamic, but still natural and very harmonious.

The decision with which nuance to work in the highlights should at best be left to a professional. He skillfully adapts them perfectly to your own base tone, so that the result looks completely natural. Caution: Otherwise there is a risk of chipmunks!

The only disadvantage of the hairstyle trend: If you are peroxide blonde, you naturally have no way of making individual strands stand out from the rest of your hair with a lighter color. It just doesn't get any brighter. Here the basic tone would have to be adjusted first and then hair frosting would have to be worked in.

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