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Star Hairdressers Love This 5-Minute Volume Trick


How to get beautiful volume in a short time and without a round brush? With this super simple technique - and even star hairdressers are enthusiastic.

Star Hairdressers Love This 5-Minute Volume Trick
How to achieve J.Lo volume in seconds?

Dramatically voluminous blow-dried hairstyles are more popular than ever. And with the blow-out look, you automatically feel like you've just had your hair cut. But imitating this at home is not as difficult as you may have thought. With the help of this simple volume trick, you can achieve wonderful bounce and visually fuller hair in just a few minutes. All you need for this is a hairdryer. That's how it works:

Star Hairdressers Love This 5-Minute Volume Trick



  1. Divide the hair (at least half air dried) down the middle into two equal sections.
  2. Then twist one half tightly around your own axis away from your face.
  3. Now hold the twist at the bottom and blow-dry it on a hot setting for two minutes (don't forget the heat protection!). Set it aside carefully and let it cool down. Continue in the same way with the other side. Then loosen both sides and fix with hairspray. Yeah!

Hairstylist Yasmina, who shared the trick on her TikTok and Instagram account @yazblends, swears by this trick. And even star hairdressers like Paul Mitchell enthusiastically commented on how great they think this technique is.

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