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Volume For Fine Hair? Success With These Tips!


Hello, volume! With these care and styling tips, fine hair easily gains volume...

Anyone who has fine hair knows the pitfalls that come with it: whether it has just been washed or not, the strands usually hang down flat, quickly look greasy and styling is not that easy either. Above all, there is a lack of volume. In fact, this is not a purely subjective feeling: on average, we have around 100,000 hairs on our heads, but the thickness of the hair varies.

Volume for Fine Hair? Success with These Tips!
With a few simple steps and fine hair has become a mane full of volume! How does it work? All tips here!

While normal hair is 0.05 to 0.08 millimeters in diameter, fine hair is only about half as thick. But that's no reason to bury your head in the sand or rely on fashion trends like bucket hats every day. While we can't change the texture of your hair, there are a few tricks you can use to quickly add fullness to your hairstyle - whether it's cutting, grooming, or styling.

Does fine hair lack volume? These 3 tips ensure the abundance

1. Tip for more volume with fine hair: The right haircut

Before care and styling can begin, the basics of the hairstyle must be right – the haircut. If you cut the hair correctly and with care, a basic volume is created on which you can then build well. Basically, if you have fine hair, you should say goodbye to your long strands for more volume. Even if it's hard, it makes a difference! The longer the hair, the heavier it gets and pulls the roots down. Tips that are too fringed should also be avoided, as this makes the hair appear even thinner. Slight layered cuts are ideal for fine hair because they let it fall more loosely and automatically give the impression of volume.

1. Tip for more volume with fine hair: The right haircut | Volume for Fine Hair? Success with These Tips!
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2nd tip for more volume in fine hair: The right care

Once the hairdresser has done his work and the split lengths are a thing of the past, we can continue to work on our fine hair gaining volume in the shower. Even if you can hardly believe it: Choosing the right care product can make the difference day and night! It is therefore important to always use shampoo and conditioner, especially for fine hair, because these do not weigh down with unnecessary silicones, and they even manage to thicken the hair. For example, polymers that envelop each individual hair and thus artificially thicken it.

Anyone who uses styling products frequently should definitely wash their hair twice so that the scalp is super clean and can absorb nutrients - and also to thoroughly remove styling residue, as this could weigh down the hair. Speaking of complaining: You should only apply the conditioner (in small amounts) to the lengths, never to the roots!

2nd tip for more volume in fine hair: The right care | Volume for Fine Hair? Success with These Tips!
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3rd tip for more volume in fine hair: The right styling

Finally, of course, styling is a crucial factor when it comes to volume. Especially with fine hair, it is important to always blow dry upside down and then with a round brush against the natural direction of growth (not too hot!). That alone creates a lot of abundances. "Fine hair can be styled particularly well by working a light setting conditioner into the strands after washing but before blow-drying," explains Danielle Dragotta, brand ambassador for Authentic Beauty Concept. Whether as a foam or spray, this gives the hair more texture, hold, and strength, which are crucial for beautiful volume.

Probably the most popular product for fine hair is dry shampoo - and rightly so! Above all, dry shampoos with formulations that provide volume in addition to their freshness are practical and work perfectly. In order to avoid white residues, it is best to spray into the roots before going to bed and leave to work overnight.

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