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Rock 'N' Roll Baby: "Jagger" Is Hottest Hairstyle Trend For Spring 2023


This spring we don't need "Moves like Jagger" as the Maroon 5 song calls for, just a haircut like rock 'n' roll legend Mick Jagger. Yes, exactly! His rocking layered haircut has become a hairstyle trend this spring as “Jagger”. We reveal what makes this edgy cut so desirable and why the "Jagger" is also totally suitable for everyday use.

This makes the "Jagger" the popular hairstyle trend for spring 2022

The "Jagger" breaks like many other layered haircuts - the "Wolf Cut" says hello - with the boundaries between the sexes. So the "Jagger" can be identified neither as a men's nor as a woman's haircut. The "Jagger" exudes both androgynous and feminine vibes. "Euphoria" star Hunter Schafer, who not only embodies a transgender woman in the series but also sees herself as such in real life, is the leader of this gender-fluid hairstyle trend and presents herself with an extremely layered platinum-blonde wavy mane with pink highlights. One thing is certain: this hairstyle trend exudes a lot of rocking vibes without giving up its suitability for everyday use.

This makes the `Jagger` the popular hairstyle trend for spring 2022 | Rock 'n' Roll Baby: "Jagger" is Hottest Hairstyle Trend for Spring 2023
Instagram: @hunterschafer

The "Jagger": What distinguishes this hairstyle trend for spring 2022 and how you care for it

As the name suggests, this hairstyle trend takes inspiration from rock star Mick Jagger – his 70s look to be precise. This extremely layered haircut with a layered fringe is so easy to care for precisely because its look simply lives from the fact that it has grown out a bit. Above all, the natural structure of the hair should come to the fore here and the “Jagger” works with both straight and slightly wavy hair. Styling is also particularly easy. Simply blow through your hair with a hairdryer, work in a styling mousse and follow the hair structure with your fingers. Okay – the “Jagger” is that easy!

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