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We Will Wear These 3 Oscar Hairstyles In Summer 2023


In addition to beautiful gowns, there were also some great hairstyles to discover on the red carpet. Here you will find three popular Oscar hairstyles that we can also wear very well.

We will Wear These 3 Oscar Hairstyles in Summer 2023
We can also wear these Oscar hairstyles in the summer.

There was a lot going on at the 94th Academy Awards this year. Not only were there three wow moments during the awards ceremony, but the looks of the stars on the red carpet also made for a breathtaking spectacle as usual. Oscar-winner Jessica Chastain, for example, attracted everyone's attention in her gold and lilac glitter dress, Nicole Kidman shone in an elegant dress reminiscent of "Old Hollywood Glamour" and actress Penelope Cruz chose a black halterneck dress with a glitter bow for the most important film award ceremony of the year.

In addition to the chic outfits, there was another eye-catcher: the hairstyles! And among them, we've spotted three popular red carpet styles for celebrity ladies that we too can wear beautifully every day in spring and summer:


Bangs | We will Wear These 3 Oscar Hairstyles in Summer 2023
Zoë Kravitz wore casual bangs with her pink dress.

From curtain bangs to full bangs: Many stars such as Zoë Kravitz, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Olivia Colman combined a modern pony hairstyle with their glamorous looks and showed that the haircut suits every woman – regardless of whether you have short hair Bun or too long hair. The practical thing about the pony: It gives the mane a fresh swing in no time without much effort. If you want a little change for your hair for the warm months, a pony cut is definitely a good choice.

Blow out bob

Blow out bob | We will Wear These 3 Oscar Hairstyles in Summer 2023
Billie Eilish turned heads with her blow-out bob.

Bob wearers or anyone wanting a bob hairstyle for the summer months can take inspiration from singer and Oscar winner Billie Eilish's fabulous twist. She wore a stylish blow-out bob with her opulent black dress. The nice thing about this hairstyle: The blow-dried tips give the haircut an airy, playful, and at the same time casual look in no time at all. Especially in summer, this provides a fresh touch and is the ideal combination for a light wardrobe.

Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut | We will Wear These 3 Oscar Hairstyles in Summer 2023
Jamie Lee Curtis wore a chic pixie cut with her glittery dress.

Another hairstyle trend that has seen increased attention on the red carpet is the pixie cut. Both Jamie Lee Curtis, Judi Dench, and Oscar winner Ariana DeBose showed up with the chic short haircut at the Oscars. If you want it to be short and easy to care for, this hairstyle is also ideal for the summer months. Because short hair is not only easy to style and is trendy, but also emphasizes facial features and gives you character - no matter how old you are.

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