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Caution! These 5 Hair Coloring Mistakes Will Make You Look Older


Did you know that a slight change in hair color can make you look older than you actually are? Of course, there are neither “good” nor “bad” hair colors, because the main thing should always be that you like your hairstyle. If you're still curious, we'll tell you here which hair colors can make you look older.

Caution! These 5 Hair Coloring Mistakes Will Make You Look Older

5 hair coloring mistakes that make you look older

New hair color is always exciting and sometimes powerful: it can upgrade your look in seconds, make your face glow, and even soften your features. Of course, we don't want to dictate to anyone how old or young he/she has to look, and we don't want to demonize "age" (keyword: ageism). Still, there are some hair colors that can pack a few more years—and we don't want to withhold that info from those of you who are interested. That's why we reveal some hair coloring mistakes that could possibly make you look older than you might like.

1. Hair coloring mistake: A hair color that is too dark for the skin tone

It is of course not the rule that brown hair makes you look older. But it's true that a color that's too dark in relation to your skin tone can harden facial features and accentuate dark circles, pigment spots, or wrinkles. In this case, the ideal would be to go for a slightly lighter shade than the normal hair color in cool or warm tones depending on the undertone in the skin tone.

2. Mistake: Neglecting blond hair

Once you have decided on blonde hair, it is important that you take good care of it so that it does not look dull but looks shiny, e.g. B. through the use of repairing masks, salon treatments, and anti-yellowing products! The latter prevents blond hair from turning yellowish or orange and it always looks fresh from the hairdresser. With blond hair, it's worth going to the hairdresser more often or just following a good hair care routine at home. Generally speaking, it's purple shampoos, conditioners, or masks that neutralize very warm highlights that are worth resorting to every now and then.


3rd mistake: framing the face with dark strands

Using opaque and deep colors for the strands that fall right around the face can optically cheat a year or two. The dark strands act like a frame that enhances all facial features, especially those that you sometimes prefer to hide. Here we recommend coloring techniques such as money piece hair or ring lighting, which use lighter strands to make the skin glow.

4. Mistakes when coloring hair: Incorrect care of colored hair

What always provides more freshness? Well-groomed tips, bright hair color, or a new cut. If you've already decided to dye your hair, make sure you follow through on that decision to keep the color intense and bright. Alternatively, tend towards a low-maintenance technique.

5. Fault: shade or dyeing technique does not match natural hair or skin

Whether you see a hair trend online that you love, or one day you want to completely transform your look, stop for a moment! There are hair colors that can make you look paler, less flattering to your skin, or coloring techniques that make hard edges on your face appear even harder. Your best bet is to consult with an experienced colorist who will assess your hair condition, complexion, and lifestyle to recommend the right color.

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