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Jessica Biel: Actress Shows Off Her Natural Curls For First Time!


Jessica Biel presents herself on Instagram with a hairstyle that you have to take a closer look at first. Because of her beautiful natural curls, the actress is hardly recognizable.

Jessica Biel: Actress Shows Off Her Natural Curls for First Time!

Jessica Biel shows off her natural curls for the first time

If you look at Jessica Biel's Instagram account, you can see her with a wide variety of hairstyles, but they all have one thing in common: the actress's hair is either straight or styled into soft waves. But not in her latest post, because with a picture published on February 24, 2022, she breaks this pattern and shines into the camera with a very curly head of hair.

Jessica Biel: These are her natural curls

In the photo, Jessica Biel has hardly any make-up, she shows her natural beauty – and of course, that includes her natural curls! As a comment, she writes: "That's why she has such voluminous hair ... it's full of secrets!"

She doesn't reveal why she's kept her curly, natural hair a secret for so long. But the presentation of her natural curls is well received and has already been rewarded with more than 270,000 likes – one of the fans is her husband Justin Timberlake.

Jessica Biel: These are her natural curls | Jessica Biel: Actress Shows Off Her Natural Curls for First Time!
Instagram: @jessicabiel

Fans love Jessica Biel's natural curls

The comments are filled with praise and enthusiasm. A follower writes: "I love it! Until now I didn't know that you had curls." Other comments continue: "So beautiful", "I love your natural curls" or "I like that 80s vibe about you".

Natural hair: What is behind it?

But of course, many also wonder why Jessica Biel suddenly wears her natural curls after years and presents them to the public and whether the curls are really real. There could be a new role behind it because the actress is currently shooting the Hulu series "Candy". She embodies Candy Montgomery, who murders her best friend with an ax. While the smile on her Instagram post doesn't really fit the show's theme, the hairstyle definitely does. Because "Candy" is set in the 80s and perms and the like were the order of the day.

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