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Camouflage Oily Hair In 5 Seconds With This Trick In Summer


This trick to camouflage oily hair in summer in 5 seconds creates a buzz... The video has accumulated 2.8 million views.

This very simple and glamorous hairstyle camouflages oily hair and helps fight the heat in summer. In addition, it makes it possible to space the washes of the hair in order to successfully reduce the frequency of shampooing.

Camouflage Oily Hair in 5 Seconds with This Trick in Summer

We are not all equal when it comes to oily hair. Some people can go a week without needing to wash their hair while others need to shampoo daily. Experts agree that in order to display healthy lengths and scalp, it is best to reduce the frequency of washing. The process may seem difficult. We must therefore put an end to a vicious circle that has been in place for many years. As the hair has to adapt to a new washing rhythm, it can feel like it gets greasy quickly. But we have to hold on.

An Internet user unveils a special hairstyle to limit shampooing and hide oily hair. She explains having spent the week at the beach. Because another aquatic activity awaits her the next day, she does not want to wash her hair.

So she starts by separating her hair into two sections. Each side is rolled up and tied in a high bun on the top of the head. One of the buns went through the other's loop. Enough to form an intertwined bun of which all you have to do is fix the bases using bobby pins. The high bun unfolds into a glamorous tousled style, without being suspected of hiding greasy hair. Viewed over 2.8 million times, the video garners no less than 318,000 likes.

Comments pour in: "Oh my god I love it", "I'll try this", "This is it, this is what I have to do", "This is super pretty".




Camouflage Oily Hair in 5 Seconds with This Trick in Summer

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