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Brown Hair Will Become Golden Brown Hair In Spring 2023


Hairstyle trend Golden Brown Hair: In spring 2022, brown hair will get a makeover in the lengths and tips.

Just in time for the start of the sunny season and to match the new spring look, we want healthy, supple hair that catches the sunlight and seems to glow from within. Only works with blond and reddish hair colors? corn non! Because even brown hair is now refined with golden light reflections in the lengths and tips.

Brown Hair will become Golden Brown Hair in Spring 2023
Luminous lengths and ends: Golden Brown Hair at Ports 1961.

The fact that the hip golden brown hair color trend works for both short and very long hair can be seen in numerous current runway looks (e.g. with Altuzarra and Helen Anthony) - which, by the way, are also an ideal template for a visit to the hairdresser! In the following, we will reveal how this golden brown hair can be done in two different ways and which care tricks can be used to keep the golden-brown lengths and tips supple and beautiful for as long as possible.

Brown Hair will become Golden Brown Hair in Spring 2023
Hair Color Trend Golden Brown Hair in Short Hair at Altuzarra.

Brown Hair will become Golden Brown Hair in Spring 2023
... and in very long hair at Helen Anthony.

What makes the hair color Golden Brown Hair so special

Those who have naturally brown hair often find their hair color too boring and too inconspicuous, especially if the brown has an ashy tone and few reddish pigments, so it hardly reflects the light. Special care products that smooth the cuticle of the hair and ensure a healthy shine and more suppleness can then significantly improve the appearance of brown hair - this is a basic expert tip.

In addition, the hairdresser can use small tricks, such as a caramel tint or isolated highlights, to ensure more color depth and brilliance in brown hair. Unlike such an all-over tint or blonde highlights drawn around the face and down the entire length of the hair, the Golden Brown Hair hairstyle trend only affects the lower lengths and tips of the hair; the natural brown tone is retained in the top coat ...

This is how the hairstyle trend in spring 2022 Golden Brown Hair succeeds in 2 variants

1st hairstyle trend variant: tint or gloss

Ideal for anyone whose brown hair is already lighter in the lengths and ends, for example from a previous balayage treatment or from the last summer vacation, are tints and glosses that intensively care for the hair and at the same time cover it with a subtle golden brown, caramel or golden blonde - for the golden brown hair effect that will be particularly popular in spring 2022, do not apply the texture (unlike usual) to the entire hair, but only to the lengths and tips! The color-changing effect is semi-permanent and washes out again after a few weeks (depending on the type of product). Tip: Labels such as Josh Wood Color or Shyne offer color-enhancing professional glosses in various brown, reddish and blonde nuances.

1st hairstyle trend variant: tint or gloss | Brown Hair will become Golden Brown Hair in Spring 2023
Brilliant shine and light reflections: Golden Brown Hair at John Richmond.


2nd hairstyle trend variation: ombré treatment

If you have shoulder- or waist-length hair and/or want golden-brown light reflections that stay beautiful well into the summer season and don't wash out, a professional ombré treatment is recommended. Similar to balayage bleaching, the transitions are gently teased upwards with a brush during coloring and the lightening component is intensified towards the tips so that a soft transition from natural brown to golden brown is possible and the hair color is as if from the inside out shine shines. Important: Golden Brown Hair is more of a subtle effect than a clearly visible bleaching effect. That's why the makeover should - especially with darker brown tones and thick hair! - not done in self-application, but booked at the hairdresser. Here they know how to optimally adjust the hydrogen content of the natural hair color and hair thickness and to find the right shade so that the brown hair is only lightened by a few shades and at the same time is coated and refined with warm color pigments in caramel, honey or golden blonde.

2nd hairstyle trend variation: ombré treatment | Brown Hair will become Golden Brown Hair in Spring 2023
The lengths and ends shimmer in a warm golden brown: Golden Brown Hair by Brandon Maxwell.

2nd hairstyle trend variation: ombré treatment | Brown Hair will become Golden Brown Hair in Spring 2023
Instagram: @hairbysammcknight

Tip: So that the hairstyle trend Golden Brown Hair retains its suppleness and the golden-brown light reflections for as long as possible, the daily care routine should be supplemented with rich and color-protecting conditioners, hair masks, and top fluids. Also, repeat the gloss (or tint) every four to six weeks.

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