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Copper Hair: This Is The Season'S Most Popular Hair Color Trend


Copper-colored hair à la Gigi Hadid is super popular in spring 2021. We'll tell you what the trend hair color looks like and how it can best be colored.

A new hair color trend has established itself that does not match the other, easy-care styles of 2021. Of course, this could also be due to the fact that many of us long for change and are more willing to experiment than usual when it comes to beauty.

Copper Hair: This Is The Season's Most Popular Hair Color Trend

For those who are urgently looking for a change, the popular trend hair color could be interesting: Copper Hair is back and was last seen by top model Gigi Hadid on the catwalk of the Versace show for autumn / Spotted winter 2021/22.

We'll tell you what exactly distinguishes copper hair and on which hair the copper tone works best.

Copper Hair: This is what characterizes the hair color trend

Luminous and beautifully natural: copper-red hair takes us back a little to the 70s when hair color was one of the top trends. No wonder, because the color is a real eye-catcher, especially in bright sunlight.

It is also the ideal hair color for everyone who thinks red hair is great but doesn't really dare. A copper-colored tint provides at least as much variety but is less intense. The warm color is particularly effective on pale Snow White skin.

Copper Hair: This is what characterizes the hair color trend | Copper Hair: This Is The Season's Most Popular Hair Color Trend

Do you dye yourself or go to the hairdresser? This is how Copper Hair works best

If you want to turn your hair into a radiant copper red, you should definitely consider a few things beforehand. Not only the starting color plays an important role in dyeing or tinting. The hair texture can also influence the final color result.

The easiest way to turn blonde and light brown hair into a bright copper-red. In addition, curly hair should be a little easier to dye than straight hair. For women with a dark mane, the hair may have to be bleached in the first step in order to be able to find the right shade of red afterward.

If you have no experience of dyeing yourself, we definitely recommend a visit to the hairdresser to avoid dramatic dyeing mishaps. The same applies to everyone with already colored hair, which usually absorbs the color very differently than untreated hair.

Extra tip: this is how to properly care for your red-dyed hair

In order for your copper-colored hair to shine for as long as possible, it is best to rely on care products specially designed for colored hair. A regular, intensive moisture boost in the form of hair treatment or mask is also good for your hair after coloring and prevents brittle ends and split ends.

Beauty experts also recommend a UV spray for the hair, which protects against color changes caused by the sun's rays. As a result, the hair color should shine for as long as possible and look salon-fresh.

An important tip at the end: If you want a type change with completely new hair color, you should always let a professional do the work. So don't dare to try it yourself, go to the hairdressers for dyeing. Those who color themselves and have no experience risk unsightly color accidents!

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