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3 Easy Hairstyles With Straighteners


You don't need countless styling aids for every hairstyle. A straightening iron is sufficient for these three quick hairstyles.

All you need for these hairstyles is a straightener.

Do you have a straightener at home? Then you can look forward to it because with the simple styling tool you can create some wonderful hairstyles in no time. With these simple tricks, you no longer have to struggle with curling irons, hair clips, hair ties, and the like. The pretty hairstyles are suitable for every day as well as for festive occasions. Important: Please never heat the straightening iron over 200 ° C, as the heat can damage the hair structure.

1. Beach waves

Beach waves are not just for summer! In autumn we wear beautiful waves with a cozy sweater. All you need is the straightening iron.

1. Beach waves | 3 easy hairstyles with straighteners

Beach waves are suitable for every occasion.

How to make Beach Waves:

Before you start, you should put some heat protectant on your hair. You can also knead some mousse into lengths and then blow-dry your hair briefly. Then split off individual strands. Now take the straightening iron and twist each strand (not too thick) around the straightening iron. The straightening iron is then pulled straight down again. Important: The section of hair that is in front of the ears must be turned away from the face! You can do whatever you want behind the ears. In the end, you can fix the hairstyle with some hairspray.

2. Sleek look

No styling tool is better suited to creating mirror-smooth hair than the straightening iron. Glass hair is still popular and looks stunning, especially on short hair.

2. Sleek look | 3 easy hairstyles with straighteners

The sleek look is more popular than ever.

This is how the sleek look works:

In order to conjure up a smooth and shiny look, you should use some heat protection beforehand. Divide your hair into individual sections and smooth each strand down to the tips. So that our hair now gets a nice mirror effect, the gloss spray is essential at the end.

Tip: If you like to braid your hair, you can simply tie it in a high ponytail after straightening it, brush the protruding hairs around your forehead from your face with a little hair oil and the sleek ponytail is ready!


3. Round bob

The versatile bob can be styled in different ways. Whether wavy, straight, or voluminous: the trend hairstyle always looks stunning. With this technique, the short haircut looks round, voluminous, and strong in a few minutes. The hair looks thick and full.

3. Round bob | 3 easy hairstyles with straighteners

In a few steps to more volume.

This is how the round bob works:

To create a bob with volume, you should treat your hair with heat protectant beforehand. Now proceed as with normal smoothing. First, separate your hair into individual sections. In the next step, you put the straightening iron on and pull it down in a slight C-curve. The tips should be pulled towards the face. This gives the hair a strong and full look. Finally, you can fix the hairstyle with a little hairspray. If necessary, you can also use some gloss spray.

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