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For Beautiful Hair: Why Your Scalp Needs A Serum?


Beautiful hair starts with the scalp. This is what beauty professionals preach to us again and again, but honestly, we don't listen to it. We put all care products in our hair and are surprised that they still don't shine healthily. So maybe we should try the scalp after all.

Why your hair absolutely needs a scalp serum?

But how exactly can it be looked after? We already know scrubs. However, there is another product that we should definitely include in our hair care routine: a scalp serum.

Why your hair absolutely needs a scalp serum? | For beautiful hair: Why your scalp needs a serum?
Are you struggling with hair loss, dandruff, or dry ends? This scalp serum is a must-have for beautiful hair

Beautiful hair thanks to scalp serum - this can be a beauty miracle

Just like we swear by our vitamin C facial serum, we should get one for the scalp too. The Scalp Serum from Dr. Barbara Sturm, for example, cares not only for the skin but also for the hair.

How exactly does that work? The hair roots are in our scalp. They produce sebum, i.e. hair oil, which is distributed in the strands. However, if the skin is irritated, this can shake sebum production. Not only that: a dry scalp cannot hold moisture well, hair roots and skin can tear and inflammation spreads. The result: brittle hair, hair loss, or dandruff.

That is why the serum focuses on one aspect in particular: moisture. The hyaluronic acid and purslane contained in it provide the skin with a large amount of it. A combination of ATP, algin, and papaya extract helps to rebalance the skin's moisture level. The serum is not aggressive: the panthenol even has a calming effect on irritated scalps.

And what does that mean for the hair? They grow back stronger, shine healthy, and fall out less.

How you apply the scalp serum?

As with every beauty product, regularity is the be-all and end-all. The application is super easy: Simply use the pipette to drip a few drops onto the damp scalp, massage in gently, and let them be absorbed. Preferably overnight!

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