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8-Hour Diet: How The Nutritional Principle Helps You Lose Weight?


Most popular diets are some form of waiver - whether it's keeping the carbohydrate content of the diet to a minimum or replacing popular foods entirely with healthier alternatives. The 8-hour diet manages without any such prohibitions, but with a promising effect on body weight and general well-being - we have examined the weight loss concept in more detail and explain for whom it is suitable.

8-Hour Diet: How The Nutritional Principle Helps You Lose Weight?
Eat for eight hours, fast for 16 hours - the principle of the 8-hour diet is supposed to help you lose weight in a healthy way.

8-hour diet: The idea behind the principle of fasting

The 8-hour diet, also known as the 16: 8 diet, is a variant of intermittent fasting or interval fasting. The diet is less time-consuming and complicated than other weight-loss principles, as it does not in principle prohibit or prescribe any food, but is mainly based on a single rule: you can eat eight hours a day, the following 16 hours have fasted. Only water, black coffee, or unsweetened tea are allowed during the fasting phase.

Such concepts are not new but have become increasingly popular in recent years. Because the health effect of 16-hour fasting can be proven with medical studies. For example, a study published in the American Journal of Translational Medicine shows that 16-hour meal breaks with a balanced diet during the eight hours after eight weeks not only reduce the body fat percentage but also have a positive effect on overall health while maintaining the same muscle percentage can. According to the nutrition experts of the research project, the combination of the 16: 8 diet with regular training units is important for the success of the diet.

Eat 8 hours, fast 16 hours: How to integrate the diet into everyday life and thereby lose weight?

Eat 8 hours, fast 16 hours: How to integrate the diet into everyday life and thereby lose weight? | 8-Hour Diet: How The Nutritional Principle Helps You Lose Weight?
The 8 Hour Diet can help you lose weight and improve overall wellbeing.

The advantage of the 8-hour diet: you can integrate the fasting concept into everyday life even with your previous eating habits. Those who have skipped breakfast up to now will have the first meal of the day at noon, the last meal in the evening - and then keep the 16 hours of fasting until lunch the following day. On the other hand, those who like to eat something in the morning can skip dinner, for example, breakfast at 9 a.m., then eat again at 5 p.m. However, this variant is not cheap if you like to meet up with friends in the evening for dinner or if you have trouble falling asleep without something warm in your stomach. Depending on your preferences and individual needs, intermittent fasting can be integrated well into everyday life with a little practice without having to severely restrict your own eating habits or social behavior.

In order to optimize the result as best as possible, a healthy meal plan should be set in the eight hours of food intake. Specifically, this means that sugary foods and unnecessary snacks, as well as heavily sweetened beverages, alcohol, and heavily processed foods, are reduced to a minimum and that fruits, vegetables, high-fiber foods such as whole-grain products and proteins should make up the majority of the diet. Power foods such as ginger, lemons, cinnamon, chili, or almonds, which stimulate the metabolism, are recommended in order to provide the body with sufficient and correct nutrients despite the reduced number of meals.

Lose weight: Who is the 8-hour diet suitable for and for how long?

How long you want to and can keep up with the weight loss concept is up to you. Just a few days of fasting according to the 8-hour principle can have a positive effect on your well-being and weight and give the body and, above all, the digestive tract new impetus. Those who can especially get used to the diet can go through the diet once for eight weeks or as a long-term program. In order to push the body to more strength in addition to losing weight, intermittent fasting can be supplemented by a daily 8-minute workout, which consists, for example, of three exercise sequences of a full-body workout.

The 8-hour diet for people with diabetes, problems with the pancreas, thyroid disorders, or a stressed adrenal gland is less recommended and only under medical supervision.

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