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Lid Lifting: This Eye Cream Effectively Reduces Wrinkles


The skin around the eyes is one of the most sensitive parts of the face - and one of the areas that are most quickly affected by the aging process. Since the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive, it quickly loses its elasticity and firmness. The result: small lines and wrinkles around the eyes and increasingly drooping eyelids. The latter in particular can have health consequences in addition to the annoying appearance. Because a hanging lid not only lowers the view but also makes it difficult to see. New and innovative products, such as the eye care from Cluera, not only reduce wrinkles under the eyes but also counteract sagging skin over the eyelids. More about the effect of the products in the following.

This eye cream visibly reduces wrinkles and lifts the eyelid

This eye cream visibly reduces wrinkles and lifts the eyelid | Lid lifting: This eye cream effectively reduces wrinkles
The latest eye care products not only visibly reduce wrinkles around the eye but also tighten the lid area (Acne Studios, Spring/Summer 2021).

Lifting for the eye area: that is the eye care from Cluera

The Cluera eye cream is a particularly rich, highly concentrated care product that has been designed for sensitive areas around the eyes. It nourishes intensively, provides the skin with an extra portion of moisture, and thanks to the herbal anti-aging active ingredient from the Persian silk tree, reduces small wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. In addition, with regular use, a clear lifting effect of the eyelid becomes visible as well as a reduction in the intensity of the wrinkles.

This is how the Cluera eye cream works

In addition to the lifting effect around the eyes and lids, the Cluera eye cream also reduces dark shadows under the eyes. Herbal ingredients also accelerate the regeneration of the skin and at the same time ensure an improved protective barrier. The skin is sustainably protected from external environmental influences and the formation of further wrinkles is prevented. Vegetable hyaluronic acid and vitamin E support collagen production, improve the oxygen supply to the skin and thus achieve a plumping effect.

This is how the eye cream is applied correctly

After cleansing or the serum, apply around the eyes with your fingertips in the morning and in the evening and pat in gently.

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