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Curly Hair: Master Hair Plopping For Pretty Curls


Having naturally curly or wavy hair is a real blessing. Indeed, it immediately offers more volume to the hair. However, for the expected result to be there, it is still necessary to know how to draw pretty curls… For this, Hair Plopping is an unstoppable technique!

Curly hair: Master Hair Plopping for pretty curls

Curly or frizzy hair is a big hairstyle trend of 2020. However, in this area, many stars set the tone. Jessica Parker, Audrey Tautou, Jennifer Lopez, Andie MacDowell… Curls are on all the biggest catwalks, and celebrities love them! But how do they go about having pretty curls that are perfectly shaped?

Have you ever heard of Hair Plopping? Also called "plunking", it is particularly popular and allows you to style curly, frizzy, or wavy hair very simply, in record time, and while respecting the nature of the hair. With it, there is no need for heating accessories. This is a 100% natural technique that reforms your pretty curls without ever damaging your splendid mane!

Hair Plopping: a hair drying technique

Hair Plopping is a drying technique that is aimed at all women with curly hair, and which offers hair shaping very quick to implement and easy to reproduce. Moreover, its main advantage is that it does not require any heating device. With it, forget your traditional straighteners, hairdryers, or curling irons! The only accessory you will need is none other than a microfiber towel, capable of absorbing moisture quickly.

The secret to successful Hair Plopping lies above all in the way you twist your hair in the towel. If the operation is performed correctly, it gives perfectly defined curls, not brittle and without the slightest frizz ... Do you dream of it? Here are some explanations.

How to style your hair with Hair Plopping?

Hair Plopping takes place in several stages. After wet your hair, start by gently wiping it, before detangling it. Take your microfiber towel. Also, note that an absorbent cotton T-shirt can do the trick very well. Layout your fabric on a flat surface in front of you. Place your head down, so that the tip of your hair is in the center of the fabric. Gradually lower your head, until your skull almost reaches the tissue. Naturally, this tends to form curls or waves, while staying in this position, grab the ends of your towel and wrap them behind your neck. To carry out this manipulation, do not hesitate to consult online videos.

How to style your hair with Hair Plopping? | Curly hair: Master Hair Plopping for pretty curls

Aquis 2 in 1 turban, perfect for Hair Plopping.

After taking care to twist the ends of your towel, secure it to your head with an elastic, so that it stays perfectly in place. Go about your business for several hours, until your hair is completely dry. Once enough time has elapsed, remove the towel, and observe the result: beautiful curls well defined!

Who is Hair Plopping for?

Hair Plopping is a very practical and effective technique for all women whose hair is naturally curly or frizzy, but whose hair fiber tends to dry out. Indeed, this method allows to discipline the curls without traumatizing or damaging them.

Likewise, Hair Plopping is also very beneficial for women who have simply wavy hair. This tends to amplify their natural curls and make them look more regular. As a result, sparkling hair looks more disciplined.

On the other hand, if you have totally straight hair, be aware that Hair Plopping will not give you perfectly defined curls. On the other hand, it will allow you to gain in volume and to give a more fluid movement to your hair.

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