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How Should We Protect Our Heart Health?


What do we always say? I loved it from my heart, my heart felt so close, from my heart. We always say that, don't we? We always bring the heart into our tongue, we put it into shapes. Sometimes we draw our book, we bring together with the names we love. But what do we do for her while our hearts are working for us all the time? We need to take a look at this. How should we protect our heart?

No one can easily say that - even impossible - from sinusitis, not from bronchitis. Nobody, as in the era of Yavuz Sultan Selim Khan does not say good-bye. 75 percent of deaths are caused by vascular problems, heart problems or brain, ie vascular disorders. 25 percent of the cancer is roughly speaking. 50 percent of this 75 percent heart. That means 50 out of every 100 people get out of the heart.

What we cannot change from the factors that affect our health and what we cannot intervene can be listed as follows:

What we can change from the factors that affect our health is as follows;

We always try to get rid of what I eat if I get away with what I eat. There's no such thing. First of all you have to leave your habits.

Is there a food that protects the heart? There's Omega 3. Omega 3 is also the most fish. You can eat fish every day, but most of the fishermen also go out of the heart. So do you know why? They're smoking. Did you stop smoking?

As you understand, the issue is not solved by consuming omega, reducing sugar, braking the salt or something. Open your hawk, turn your fingers off and on, and do this for an hour without stopping. Just see what's happening to you by running a simple muscle. Then think of your heart; Your heart makes this movement so that you can pump 5 liters of blood without stopping. Think about it!

How can you not help this heart? Don't hurt him, he doesn't want anything from you. Don't make salt, don't give me sugar, says don't choke my veins with a cigarette.

An overweight person, or rather a belly person, has a higher risk of having a heart attack than a normal person. In addition, the fat in the belly affects your insulin resistance negatively.

Stop smoking, do not consume alcoholic beverages, pay attention to your weight, try to avoid stress, calm down, do not exaggerate the use of sugar, pay attention to your blood pressure, stay in motion for too long, pay attention to the protein-carbohydrate-fat balance while feeding, treat yourself and your environment with love and don't get despaired.

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