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Dua Lipa Heralds The Comeback Of The Teased Updo In Amy Winehouse


Dua Lipa presented a top-class hairstyle at this year's Brit Awards in London.

Dua Lipa Heralds The Comeback Of The Teased Updo In Amy Winehouse

At yesterday's Brit Awards ceremony in London, singer Dua Lipa surprised everyone with an extravagant, voluminous updo, honoring a very special icon of British music history.

Dua Lipa: An Amy Winehouse updo

Anyone who saw Dua Lipa on the red carpet last night could not ignore the idea of seeing a certain resemblance to another British singer. Because with her hairstyle, which was teased extra high, the singer recalled the iconic look of Amy Winehouse, who died in 2011, who made the extravagant updo her trademark.

Dua Lipa: An Amy Winehouse updo | Dua Lipa Heralds The Comeback Of The Teased Updo In Amy Winehouse
Dua Lipa at the 2021 Brit Awards.

While Winehouse's hairstyle was mainly defined by strands that fell loosely into the face and an overall decidedly casual look, Lipa reinterpreted the hairstyle in a more elegant, slightly stricter way. The strands that deliberately fell out of the hairstyle at Winehouse were neatly combed away from the face upwards at Dua Lipa and fixed with hairspray so that the high hair structure could not fall apart during the performance. The only strands of hair that were left out of the hairstyle are Dua Lipa's obligatory "curtain bangs", which frame her face wonderfully and were also part of her other hairstyles, such as the high chignon she wore at the Grammys last year.

Dua Lipa's make-up artist Lisa Eldridge crowned the entire look with a lipstick in a shade that underlined the singer's natural lip color and fresh blush that was blended up over the cheekbones and combined with the eyeshadow. In the inner corner of her eye, Lipa wore a shimmering pink eyeshadow that was skilfully matched to the color of the blush.

Will we see teased hair more often now?

It is well known that hair trends that were once banned come back into fashion after a period of time. For example, this year we have rediscovered some hairstyle trends from the 90s and 00s, such as the zigzag parting or colorful hair clips. Therefore, there is definitely a chance that the teased updo will move back into focus in a certain form. Whether in an elegant manner, as with Dua Lipa or is toned down, more casual versions for everyday life - we can be curious.

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