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"Soft Curve Bob" Gives Its Wearer Elegance In Spring


New season, new hairstyle? The elegant "Soft Curve Bob" is the ideal haircut for spring. You can find out here what makes it special and who it looks particularly good on.

"Soft Curve Bob" Gives Its Wearer Elegance in Spring
The "Soft Curve Bob" creates an elegant and glamorous look.

"Soft Curve Bob" Gives Its Wearer Elegance in Spring
But how to style the haircut correctly? And who does she stand for?

Bob hairstyles are among the most beautiful hairstyles ever. They are so versatile that anyone can wear them. Whether Swoosh Bob, Italian Bob, or Choppy Bob: there is a suitable bob haircut for every woman. We are all the more pleased that a new bob haircut is conquering the hairstyle world in spring, which is not only elegant and timeless but also very easy to style. May we introduce: the "Soft Curve Bob"! We'll explain what makes it special and who it looks particularly good on.

What is the "soft curve bob"?

The "Soft Curve Bob" is a bob variant that immediately makes its wearer look more elegant and for which, not too much hair has to be cut off right away. The characteristic of this bob is the classic chin-length, which visually emphasizes the cheekbones. The hair is cut slightly asymmetrically. In concrete terms, this means that the hair on the back of the neck grows a little longer towards the chin. The ends of the hair are not cut edgy, which ensures a soft spring look - hence the name "Soft Curve Bob". Because the tips fall slightly inwards, the hair also appears more voluminous and the face is elegantly framed.

Who does the "soft curve bob" suit?

The "Soft Curve Bob" is perfect for women with fine and thin hair because the cut creates volume. The bob looks best with classic center parting and straight hair that underlines the luxurious vibe. The good thing is that the "soft curve bob" suits women with every face shape because it can also be worn with bangs if you wish. It also looks beautifully glamorous on long faces.

Who does the `soft curve bob` suit? | "Soft Curve Bob" Gives Its Wearer Elegance in Spring
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Hairstyle trend 2022: how to style the "soft curve bob"?

Luckily, the styling is quite simple. If you already have straight hair, all you need is:

With this blow-drying technique, your mane gains significant volume. Finally, to round off the elegant look, add some shine spray to your hair – ok!

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