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Medium-Length Hair: How To Wear This Cut After 40?


Don't feel like sacrificing your lengths? The mid-length is a perfect in-between that ticks all the boxes. Feminine, practical and dynamic, here is how to twist these lengths to highlight them.

Marion Cotillard, Marina Foïs, Cameron Diaz, Alexandra Lamy, Sandra Bullock, Alice Taglioni, Virginie Efira, Eva Longoria… Many stars are keeping their lengths after 40 years. After 50, some don't hesitate to flaunt long or shoulder-length hair! The cliché of the obligatory short haircut, once you are in your forties, is no longer in fashion. It has even been questioned for a few years now. The scissor pros are clear: there are no hard and fast rules. In hairdressing, it's all about adaptation. The cut must always be made to measure. If in doubt, don't hesitate to bring in photos of hairstyles you like as models and seek professional advice. The mid-length is a very good compromise for those who do not want to cut too much. It's an in-between that works for almost all face shapes and women of all ages. Our advice and tips to highlight your “mid-lengths”.

Medium-length hair: How to wear this cut after 40?

Free yourself from clichés

No need to go for a short haircut that doesn't suit everyone, far from it. Pixie, boyish, boyish, or bob with bob, short cuts, as vibrant and beautiful as they are, don't suit everyone. Why are they not necessarily the best option after 40? First, because the short is not suitable for all body types and all face shapes. Then, around age 40, due to certain metabolic changes, the skin begins to lose its elasticity. As skin hydration is less good, the skin loses volume and the features pull down. The "tulip zone" (or the lower part of the face) changes discreetly over time. Adopting a pixie cut will draw attention to this area that you don't always want to show off. Finally, short haircuts can tend to harden the features, whereas, from the age of 40, it is the softness that we are looking for. Fortunately, times are changing, "the rules" are becoming more flexible and mentalities are changing. Women are thus more and more numerous, regardless of their age, to display a long bob or a shoulder-length like the stars on the red carpets.

The mid-length: the best length?

At 40, we are young and we assume our femininity! You know the expression: '40s is the new 30's. There is therefore no need to take a radical decision and adopt a cut that is too classic or too strict. There is still time to have fun and change your style. The cut being something very personal, it must be adapted to each woman according to her facial morphology, her style, her personality, and her desires! Anything is possible, however, if long hair has always been the embodiment of femininity, it can weigh down the silhouette and should be avoided when the hair is too thin. Precisely, after 40 years, the hair tends to thin out. This is why opting for a long or mid-length bob by cutting at the level of the shoulders is the perfect solution for all those who wish to maintain a certain length. By keeping strands around the face, helps dress and soften the jaw and chin. A mid-length is also having enough material to be able to tie your hair and continue to allow yourself to wear updos, ponytails, braids in alternating styles. Another advantage and not the least: this universal length is suitable for almost all face shapes.

Soft lines, airy volume

Overly structured or straight cuts will harden facial features. After 40 years, it is better to choose a supple, non-frozen mid-length. Keywords to remember the movement, ripples, reflections. Find all the tips below.


1. Bring movement

With the right movement, the mid-length reveals all the femininity and the beauty of the faces. After 40 years, avoid wearing it too smooth to counter the flat, unattractive effect. The idea is to add flexibility to rejuvenate the look and freshen up with pretty natural wavy, light curls or delicate waves. Bringing movement to a hairstyle is a great trick for lightening thick hair and giving body to thin hair. In the same style, a long square, well-cut, and slightly degraded can give character to the hairstyle and rebalance the volumes of the face.

2. Adopt bangs, a good idea

Bangs are (almost) always a good idea to accompany a hairstyle! Worthy of a fashion accessory, it structures the cut, emphasizes the look, and camouflages certain imperfections such as the first wrinkles on the forehead or those on the crow's feet. Here too, avoid cuts that are too straight or fringes that are too short and too marked. Prefer a curtain fringe like Sophie Marceau or Monica Bellucci. Another option, a headband wick will also bring softness and (again) lightness and movement to the hairstyle.

3. Play the highlights with color full of nuances

To display a perfect mid-length, do not neglect the color of the hair at the risk of quickly appearing neglected. Uniform colors without any reflections are to be avoided as far as possible because they give a somewhat fixed effect (the Playmobil helmet, you know?) And tarnish the complexion. To accompany the movement, choose a nuanced coloring by bringing light by small touches thanks to a sweep. This technique has the advantage of giving a very natural result and visually making fine hair denser. Ombre hair is a great choice too. It gives relief and light to the lengths without creating a root phenomenon. For white hair, prefer a tone on tone or a balayage with lighter strands rather than a permanent color. When white hair is not the majority, it is better to camouflage it transparently to minimize maintenance. Browns and blondes can play with caramel or honey highlights, for example, without straying too far from its natural base.

4. The golden rule for a beautiful mid-length

Take care of your hair, especially if the lengths and ends are dry. Having healthy, shiny hair is still the best way to flaunt a pretty hairstyle. Once or twice a week, depending on the condition of your hair, consider accompanying the shampoo with a nourishing treatment or mask. Avoid exposing your hair too much to heat and brush the lengths daily to get rid of pollution or dust residue.

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