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Winter Hair: What Quickly Helps And Prevents Loose Hair


Electric hair is not uncommon, especially in the cooler months of the year. The following five tips will help to tame statically charged hair quickly and effectively prevent it!

Winter hair: What quickly helps and prevents loose hair

Flying hair can be tamed quickly.

Top 5 tips for hair flying

It is not only the change of seasons per se that causes problems with statically charged hair - but changing clothes also promotes electrical hair. Because whenever hats, scarfs, and coats come into play, the hair begins to charge and stick out on all sides. What really helps:

1. Combs and brushes made from natural materials

As useful as plastic brushes are for untying hair after washing, they are inconvenient when it comes to recharging your mane. Because: Plastic strengthens the electrical voltage so that the hair protrudes even more. It is therefore advisable to use combs and brushes made from natural materials. Wood and natural hair bristles in particular cause little friction and neutralize or prevent hair flying at all.

2. Proper hair care

In summer it's the sun, in winter it's hats and scarves that clog your hair. Hair breakage and split ends, which also arise as a result of dryness, encourage the hair to fly. Careful care is essential to ensure that your mane is optimally prepared and protected. Shampoo and conditioner are not enough on their own and should be given additional moisture with leave-ins, oils, or masks. Applying hair oil is particularly worthwhile after blow-drying: it strengthens, promotes suppleness, and prevents individual strands from fluffing up.

2. Proper hair care | Winter hair: What quickly helps and prevents loose hair

The right care brings shine and prevents flying hair.

3. Dryer sheets

What is already good for washing in the dryer cannot damage your hair either! Therefore: Press a dryer cloth over the bristles of your comb or brush - this prevents the hair from being electrostatically charged.
Tip: You can even use the cloth on the go! Alternatively, you can simply moisten your hands (for example with a little water or hand cream) and then rub it flat over your hair.


4. Pay attention to your clothes

If your hair tends to fluff up, consider opting for polyester clothing. We recommend natural materials such as cotton or silk, which have better conductivity.

5. Ion hairdryer

The ion blower is well worth the investment. Not only does the bathroom helper get less hot and thus prevent the hair from drying out, but it is also essential. The fact that the hairdryer neutralizes the hair's electron balance with negatively charged particles also reinforces the decision to buy this high-quality product.

Why does hair become electrostatically charged?

Our hair really stands on end, especially in the autumn and winter months. This is due to the friction that occurs when putting on and taking off knitted sweaters or hats and causes a collection of ions, i.e. positively charged particles. Due to the excess of the same charge, these begin to repel each other and the hairs fly upwards.

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