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Straighten Hair Without Losing Volume: Here'S How


Is your hair hanging flat after straightening? Then try this simple technique - it makes them smooth and doesn't lose volume.

Straighten Hair without Losing Volume: Here's How
Bye, flat hair! With this straightening iron technique, the mane becomes smooth and does not lose any volume.

Whether straight, wavy or curly hair: Many of us regularly use the straightening iron to achieve a super-smooth mane. But anyone who often styles them in this way knows that this not only changes the natural hair structure but often also the volume in the hair and at the roots disappears. Look familiar? Then our tip is to change your hair straightening technique! This gives you a sleek look without sacrificing volume and fullness.

That's how it works

Start by combing your hair, as usual, spray with a heat protectant, and then separate the strands one by one. Then the straightening iron is used. However, instead of clamping the hair between the two heat plates as usual and pulling it through from top to bottom, now leave the straightening iron slightly open. As a result, the strands can still benefit sufficiently from the direct heat but do not lose as much volume at the roots as usual. Finally, use some hairspray to fix, done.

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