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Paris Hilton'S Classy Braid In Autumn/Winter 2023


The French capital Paris is pure inspiration. The people, the architecture, the culture - the mere atmosphere in the streets of the city is somehow magical!

Paris Hilton's Classy Braid In Autumn/Winter 2023
What is the most beautiful way to wear braids as a hairstyle trend in autumn/winter 2021? Paris Hilton shows it with her chic hair update.

In autumn/winter 2021, Paris is now also inspiring in other ways. Namely in terms of hairstyle trends. Only this time, for once, it does not refer to the city of Paris, but to the person of Paris. Or more precisely: the person Paris Hilton.

Hairstyle trend: Paris Hilton wears the braid so elegantly in autumn/winter 2021

The hotel heiress recently appeared on Instagram with a variant of the classic braid. The 40-year-old's hair was so effortlessly chic that we definitely marked the ponytail as a hairstyle trend for fall/winter 2021.

Because: with the coming winter comes the time of the holidays. And after these were logically not very glamorous last year due to Corona, Lockdown, and Co., it can be more festive and even more chic in 2021. Paris Hilton's hairstyle trend is the perfect hair inspiration.

Instead of a simple pigtail hairstyle, the icon of the It-Girls wears an elegant hairstyle, which at the same time does not look too fluffy or overdone. Rather, the hairstyle exudes just the right amount of nostalgic retro glamor.

First and foremost, the Paris Hilton hairstyle trend is strictly tied to the top of the head. Even the smallest hairs on the roots are sleekly styled backward. For the nostalgic look, the high ponytail braid is tied high at the back of the head. A hairstyle that can quickly look severe.

Not so with Paris Hilton. Your hair in the braid falls very gently in large waves. And so that the transition between this soft part of the hairstyle trend and the strict part in the front is not too blatant, the elastic from Paris Hilton was wrapped with one of her blonde hair strands - which makes the hairstyle trend even more chic and classy.

Paris Hilton is wearing the elegant braid as a hairstyle trend in autumn/winter 2021

Paris Hilton is wearing the elegant braid as a hairstyle trend in autumn/winter 2021 | Paris Hilton's Classy Braid In Autumn/Winter 2023
Instagram: @parishilton

The great thing about Paris Hilton's braid variant: Because the hairstyle does not lose any of the casualness of the classic ponytail and at the same time has the elegant twist, it can be combined with all kinds of outfits in autumn/winter. The hair in the style of the hotel heiress looks just as good with a relaxed outfit consisting of a chunky knit sweater and jeans as it does with a chic slip dress or a sequined skirt.

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