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Spiky Bun Hairstyle Trend: The Must-Have Bun Of The Moment


We never expected to wear it again one day, yet this little bun straight from the 90s has made its way into the hairstyle trends for fall/winter 2021-2022: the spiky bun is back! Here's how to adopt it.

Spiky Bun Hairstyle Trend: The Must-Have Bun Of The Moment

Spotted in the hair of some celebrities such as models Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Kendall Jenner or singer Dua Lipa, who are used to updating many fashion and beauty trends of the 1990s, the spiky bun or spiky bun now maddens TikTok. Hairdressing tutorials explaining how to reproduce it are indeed multiplying on the social network, confirming the trend for the season.

Named after her tips of hair that stick out of the clip and give the bun a rebellious edge, this vintage hairstyle is all about making a small, simple high bun. What to style quickly and well in the morning: we adhere! Note, however, that the hairstyle is not content to come back to the fore as it is since it is reinventing itself a little more chic today to be able to style again those who already wore it in their adolescence.

Spiky bun chignon: the trend is changing in 2022

Indeed, if, in the nineties, the latter proudly displayed an explosion of exaggerated wicks and tolerated a rough realization, from now on, the spiky bun has settled down and gained in sophistication. It is therefore worn with strands spiky but perfectly controlled and a fastening to the nines. This does not prevent followers of this bun from sometimes playing the card of the 90's look, by embellishing it with two locks that frame their face as was fashionable at the time.
Likewise, if during the 90s it was quite possible to use a lot of styling products to plaster your hair, today the hairstyle relies on a beautiful material that is intended to be more natural. It is therefore important to have a light hand on the lacquers.

Spiky bun from the Nensi Dojaka show

Spiky bun from the Nensi Dojaka show | Spiky Bun Hairstyle Trend: The Must-Have Bun Of The Moment

During London, Fashion Week, last September 17, 2021, the spiky bun was even on the catwalk of the Nensi Dojaka show in its new chic version.

How to make a spiky bun version 2022?

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