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Bob And Pixie Will Become Dramatic Bixie In 2022! Who The Bob Hairstyle Suits?


Dramatic Bixie: How does model Jean Campbell shortens her mane into a razor-short trend look in the video?

If you ask around in your circle of acquaintances who is watching Heidi Klum's "Germany's Next Top Model", most of them will roll their eyes and wave them off. But then add with a grin: "Except for the makeover, of course!" After all, what could be more exciting and nerve-wracking than watching live how other people's dreamy manes of hair are cut millimeters short so that the strands to the left and right of the barber's chair just sail to the ground? The before and after effect is often astounding when the new (shockingly short) look just looks fantastic and the former long-haired girl has now been transformed into a casual model with the help of hairdressing scissors, a hairdryer, and styling wax.

Bob and Pixie will Become Dramatic Bixie in 2022! Who The Bob Hairstyle Suits?
Long-haired model Jean Campbell before her makeover at celebrity hairstylist Luke Hersheson...

Jean Campbell, the internationally successful model from London who is known for her long, golden blonde hair, has now dared to do exactly what makes others' pulses rise: she had her hair cut short in front of the camera. And this makes the "Dramatic Bixie" the hottest hairstyle trend of 2022.

Bob and Pixie will Become Dramatic Bixie in 2022! Who The Bob Hairstyle Suits?
...and after the makeover with Dramatic Bixie

Hairstyle trend 2022: Thanks to star hairdressers for the iconic model look

Like Twiggy in the 1960s or Linda Evangelista in the 1990s, Jean Campbell is now showing a blatant hairstyle change that should not only affect her looks, but also her popularity. With good reason, the 24-year-old turned to star hairstylist Luke Hersheson, who is already responsible for numerous iconic looks, for the major makeover: Keira Knightley, Dua Lipa, Sienna Miller, Claudia Schiffer, and Victoria Beckham are just a few of the celebrities who have joined the Hershesons (Luke's father Daniel founded the London salon back in 1992) for her haircut.

"We believe that a great cut is the foundation of great hair."


The basics of the trend hairstyle "Dramatic Bixie"

As the name suggests, a bixie is neither a pixie nor a bob, but is made up of elements of both trend hairstyles: the hair is cut razor-short at the nape of the neck and above the ears, the front section and the top hair remain a few centimeters long, so that the tips are behind the Let the ears pull and the bangs fall long and casually over the eyes. To create Jean Campbell's pimply Dramatic Bixie, Luke Hersheson used both a blade and a pair of scissors (set vertically and horizontally).

The basics of the trend hairstyle `Dramatic Bixie` | Bob and Pixie will Become Dramatic Bixie in 2022! Who The Bob Hairstyle Suits?



This is how the Dramatic Bixie hairstyle trend is styled correctly

Wash and blow-dry your hair as usual, then loosen up the lengths of the bangs and top hair with your fingers and pluck them as you like, i.e. pull them over and around your eyes and tuck them behind your ears. A little hair wax or styling paste conceals dry ends and helps set the look.

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