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Thin Eyebrows: How To Effectively Stimulate Their Growth?

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Anyone who wore the eyebrow popular at the time in the 90s - trimmed so thinly that one could hardly speak of an eyebrow - knows the problem today. Frequent and excessive plucking of the eyebrow hairs will eventually stop the new hairs. At the same time, this is a typical consequence of the natural aging process, because the gradually slowing growth of the hair does not spare the eyebrows either. In addition to microblading, the following three tips can help stimulate the natural growth of the eyebrows again.

Thinning eyebrows: 3 effective tips that will stimulate growth

Thinning eyebrows: 3 effective tips that will stimulate growth | Thin eyebrows: How to effectively stimulate their growth?

If the eyebrows no longer grow back completely by themselves through excessive plucking, you can make use of certain beauty tips and thus stimulate growth.

Eyebrows: Why they won't regrow at some point?

Eyebrows are like all hair - be it on the head or the rest of the body: They go through a growth cycle that can be negatively influenced with increasing age or by other factors. For example, if you always pull out all of the hairs including the roots when trimming your eyebrows, you can permanently damage the follicles in the long run. As a result, individual eyebrow hairs grow less and less at some point, then not at all. In addition, it can take between twelve and 16 weeks for the brow to return to its natural fullness after plucking, waxing, or shaving - provided it can grow back healthily.

Full Eyebrows: 3 Beauty Tips That Effectively Stimulate Eyebrow Growth

1. Brow conditioner

Regardless of whether the sparse eyebrow growth is due to plucking escapades or naturally low growth - thanks to the beauty industry, there is a solution for both scenarios. Special eyebrow serums or brow conditioners supply sensitive skin and fine brow hair with nourishing and growth-stimulating ingredients. Rosemary oil, for example, can help stimulate fine hair and, with regular use, make it grow back thicker and healthier by nourishing and nourishing from root to tip. Many products also work on the basis of castor oil, which has been a popular home remedy for more hair growth for centuries. In addition, active ingredients such as keratin or soy not only help the thinning brows to grow back fuller but also to strengthen the hair itself.

However, the following applies here: Stay consistent! In order to be able to notice a result, you have to use the product for at least as long as one complete growth cycle lasts - i.e. for at least three months.


2. Eyebrow massages

How about if you instead learn to appreciate your unpleasant brows - and pamper them intensely? What may sound a bit strange at first, can be worthwhile. Every single hair on the eyebrows is connected to a fine blood vessel in the skin. If this works smoothly, the brows also benefit from more growth. It can therefore help to regularly stimulate the eyebrows and their underlying veins with gentle massages if there is no or less hair growth. One variant is to gently tap each eyebrow for 30 seconds after the daily facial care routine, but with light pressure. Alternatively, beauty salons offer a dedicated treatment called brow pinching, which has the same effect.

Combined with a little facial oil, the more extensive brow massage can also be used at home: Put a few drops of oil on the fingertips and gently "pluck" the brow once from beginning to end with the help of the thumb and index finger. If you want, you can end the beauty treatment at this point or expand it into a pampering treatment for the entire face. For this wellness treatment of the eyebrows, you can optionally use a Gua Sha massage stone.

3. Eating a balanced diet

However, the growth of the eyebrows can not only be influenced from the outside. A balanced, nutritious diet can also have a positive effect on hair growth - be it on the hair on the head or on the eyebrows. A balanced, base-excess diet with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole-grain products as well as healthy fats such as omega-3s, for example from fatty sea fish, is ideal.

Thinning Eyebrows: When to see a professional?

However, if you notice that your eyebrow hairs not only grow back sparsely but also fall out, a visit to the doctor is recommended. The cause can then also be a lack of iron, vitamin D, or vitamin B12, or another clinical picture. Instead of throwing food supplements on your own initiative, you should rather rely on professional advice in order to prevent an oversupply of individual nutrients and also to be able to rule out other health factors for the insufficient growth of the eyebrows.

In principle, it can also do no harm to make sure that the essential substances are already covered with them when preparing the food on a daily basis, so that the consumption of additional supplements is not necessary in the first place.

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