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Hair Professional Armin Morbach: This Is The Perfect Care For Broken Winter Hair


What care does dry winter hair need? And what is the best way to pamper your mane despite lockdown? Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach told us in an interview.

Hair professional Armin Morbach: This is the perfect care for broken winter hair
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The cold air outside, warm air inside: winter is extremely tough on hair. In addition, because of the lockdown, we cannot pamper ourselves at the hairdresser's and have our hair spruced up. So what to do

Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach told us in an interview what kind of care hair needs now and what to do with beauty problems such as a growing approach.

Hair professional Armin Morbach: This is the perfect care for broken winter hair
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1. What is the optimal care for dry winter hair?

Armin Morbach: "Our hair needs an extra dose of care, especially in winter. This is not only due to the cold, uncomfortable weather but also to our beloved woolen and turtleneck sweaters, which can roughen the hair structure. That's why (express) cures and conditioners are essential more important than ever in winter. I also recommend conditioner spray as a leave-in for the hair. This way, our winter hair can also recharge its batteries in between. "

2. What care tips do you have for people who have problems with dry/itchy scalps?

Morbach: "Balancing care is particularly important for a dry scalp. Dry shampoo helps to freshen up the hair in between. And changing the hairspray can also work wonders, for example on a low degree of hardness."

3. The hairdressing salons are currently closed. How does the hair look well-groomed despite lockdown? Are there any special rituals that should be held regularly?

Morbach: "Especially nowadays it is important to take some time for yourself, to relax and to do something good for yourself. That is why I think it is so important to maintain small and large rituals for your own well-being. That can be the weekly hair treatment or the braiding of wet hair for beautiful waves the next morning. "


4. What is the best way to hide a growing approach?

Morbach: "Basically, an approach with hairstyles without parting is less noticeable. A classic bun or chignon can therefore be the solution for upcoming video calls. Alternatively, I always recommend a retouching approach that conceals the approach until the next wash and at the same time volume for a grippy styling. "

5. In many countries the bob was the most Googled hairstyle of 2020. Will the trend stay with us or is the trend back towards longer or shorter hair?

Morbach: "The bob is and will remain a trend hairstyle for me. In 2021 we will see it in two variations: Either outgrown and frayed as a long bob or short and angular with a clear cut. The tendency, however, is towards soft looks with fine tips."

6. Which hair myth would you like to dispel with?

Morbach: "I keep hearing women deny their natural hair structure." The curls don't suit me! "Is a classic. Many women would look so great with their natural structure. I, therefore, wish that we in Germany would one day work with the individual hair structure and create natural looks because a bun or a headband can also look wonderful with curls. The same applies to statements such as "a pony doesn't suit me" combined with bad childhood anecdotes. Just because something didn't look good in childhood is true that is by no means for the beautiful, adult woman. I would like more courage to try things out. "

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