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Hair Greasy Quickly? That Could Be The Reason


Are you struggling with greasy hair? Maybe also scalp problems or brittle ends? Hand on heart: can you remember the last time you changed your hairbrush? In fact, like our toothbrush, it should be replaced regularly, otherwise, hair problems can arise. We'll tell you how often you should change your hairbrush.

Hair Greasy Quickly? That Could Be The Reason

Brittle hair and a quick greasy approach can be the receipt for not changing your hairbrush often enough.

Hair Greasy Quickly? That Could Be The Reason

We'll tell you when you should change your brush.

For us, it seems quite normal to regularly exchange our everyday objects. Whether toothbrushes, towels, washcloths, or bed linen - for reasons of hygiene, these things should be washed more than too little or replaced. But what about our hairbrush?

Hair Problems: This is why you should change your hairbrush regularly

The hygienic condition of our hairbrushes is often underestimated. We only change the good piece when the bristles are bent or failed. Our brush is used several times a day: And not just on freshly washed hair ...

Over time, bacteria, dead skin cells, grease, styling residues, and germs collect between the bristles through use. Sounds disgusting? It is - at least after a while! This can lead to nasty hair problems: For example, a quickly greasy approach or even brittle hair lengths.

How long can I use a hairbrush?

Once we have found a brush that we like, corresponds to our hair type, achieves the desired effect, does not pull, and does not hurt the scalp, we naturally want to stick with it as long as possible.

In order to be able to use your hairbrush for as long as possible, there are a few things you should consider to keep your brush hygienic. Caution: Simply removing the hair that has fallen out is not enough! You should properly clean your hairbrush about once a month.

Cleaning the hairbrush: Here's how

Plastic brushes can be washed out with baking soda, shampoo, or soap. Simply put in a water bath, put in the brush, and enrich it with your preferred cleaning agent. Leave on for a few minutes, then wash off as well as possible.

The same procedure is suitable for hairbrushes made from natural materials, but use gentle shampoos to avoid damaging the material.

Then place the hairbrush on a towel with the bristles facing down and let it dry completely.


Hair greasy quickly & Co .: When do I have to buy a new brush?

Also, if you wash your hairbrush regularly, it will eventually be time for a new brush. Because despite thorough cleaning, the accumulation of germs and bacteria cannot be completely prevented. Not only can they lead to greasy deposits, but in the worst case even damage the scalp and hair - for example in the form of dandruff, skin lichen, or brittle strands of hair.

Depending on the level of use and care, beauty experts recommend buying a new hairbrush after six to twelve months. If you have been lazy to wash, have hair or scalp problems, or just want to be on the safe side, you should replace your hairbrush after six months at the latest.

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