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Fawcett Flip: This Trendy Brushing From The 70S Is Making A Comeback


Straight from the 70s, the Fawcett Flip brushing brings volume and waves to your hair. A hairstyle inspired by famous actress Farrah Fawcett.

Fawcett Flip: This Trendy Brushing From The 70s Is Making A Comeback
Instagram: @florencegiven

The 70s mark the trends of 2021. After fashion and decoration, it is in the world of beauty that they are essential, and more particularly in your hair. Actress Farrah Fawcett's famous blow-dry, best known for her role as Jill Munroe in the Charlie’s Angels series, has become the hairstyle of the day. Her long, voluminous hair with wide, airy curls, accented with slightly turned bangs, inspired many people in the 70s and 80s, like Lady Di, Tina Turner but also Catherine Deneuve.

Fawcett Flip: This Trendy Brushing From The 70s Is Making A Comeback
Instagram: @chucklebabe

Brought up to date, the Fawcett Flip can be worn with more or less tight curls. The main thing is that they start inward of your face, not outward. This will have the effect of visually refining it, whatever the shape of your face. It is quite complicated to really miss this brushing. Even if your curls are looser than Farrah Fawcett's, the desired effect will be there! This is one of the great advantages of this hairstyle.

Fawcett Flip: This Trendy Brushing From The 70s Is Making A Comeback
Fawcett Flip: This Trendy Brushing From The 70s Is Making A Comeback
Instagram: @brielarson

Fawcett Flip: This Trendy Brushing From The 70s Is Making A Comeback
Fawcett Flip: This Trendy Brushing From The 70s Is Making A Comeback
Instagram: @ciara

If everyone is talking about it right now, it's because this brushing has become the one to have. On Instagram and TikTok, many celebrities, but also anonymous, show themselves with this particular hairstyle. The Fawcett Flip has even become a TikTok challenge! The users of this social network show how, with a single movement of the head, it is possible to simply and easily adapt this brushing, which nevertheless seems complicated to achieve at home.

New style, who dis? #Hairflipchallenge #farrahfawcett #hairtutorial ♬ Give Me Your Love (Love Song) - Curtis Mayfield




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How to make a Fawcett Flip easily?

There are several techniques for doing this voluminous brushing at home. The first will use simple curlers. Quite simply, you just need to take fairly wide strands of hair and curl them inward and vertically.
Perform this movement on all the strands that surround your face. For the ones at the back of your head, when you go to wrap them around the curler, bring them back to the front of your head. Wait a few hours and when you go to take off your curlers, the curls will be quite plump.

To give them the shape of the Fawcett Flip, you just need to shake your head back and forth once or twice. And that's all. Here you are with a voluminous and trendy brushing.

The other technique will require the use of a styler, a straightening iron slightly rounded at the edges, and a fairly large brush. This last way of carrying out this brushing, which is less conventional, has been brought up to date by the TikTokeuse Mallory Jade, better known under the name groovy_mal on TikTok. She has definitely adopted the Fawcett Flip for her everyday look. In one of her videos, she explains how she does it, in a simple and accessible way, whatever your level of hairdressing.

Highly requested hair tutorial!! #fyp ♬ Didn't Cha Know - Erykah Badu




As you can see in the video, you should start by curling the bottom of your hair using a straightening iron. To do this, pinch a section between the plates, bring the iron straight down and then when you are in the middle of your section, turn the iron 90° towards the inside of your face to curl the end of your hair.

Regarding the strands at the back of your head, you should also bring them to the front of your head by smoothing them diagonally and curling as soon as you reach mid-length, always making a movement towards inside.

Once you have curled all of your hair, loosen the curls with a brush. Then swing your head back and forth and let the magic of gravity work.

Whether you do the first or second technique to do the Fawcett Flip yourself, finish by spraying hairspray on your hair to keep your curls held all day!

Now this 70's brushing has no more secrets for you.

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