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Hairstyle Trend 2023: "Glass Hair" Gives Your Hair An Incredibly Healthy Shine!


And once again a new hairstyle trend is emerging: "Glass Hair" is exactly what you absolutely must have tried in 2022! We'll tell you why now!

Hairstyle Trend 2023: "Glass Hair" Gives Your Hair An Incredibly Healthy Shine!
What exactly can we understand by the new hairstyle trend "Glass Hair"? Look next picture further and find out what your hair could look like!

Hairstyle Trend 2023: "Glass Hair" Gives Your Hair An Incredibly Healthy Shine!
Kim Kardashian has been wearing her hair this way for years. She is practically the pioneer of "Glass Hair". Although we have to say that Kim Kardashian copied the hairstyle trend from a very special icon of the 70s. You can find out exactly what it is in the article!

We love every kind of hairstyle trend. Sometimes it's the bob hairstyles that make our hearts beat faster, like the paper cut bob or the baby bob, or it's the hair color trends that give our mane a color upgrade. The new year has only just begun and we already have the next hairstyle trend for 2022: The "Glass Hair" - we'll tell you now what makes the hairstyle trend so special!

"Glass Hair" is the hairstyle trend for 2022

What exactly can we imagine the new trend for our hair to be? "Glass Hair" sounds very classy and shimmering. And that's roughly how you can imagine the effect on your hair. Because the "Glass Hair" achieves exactly this effect: Your hair appears flowing and shimmering, as it was in the 1970s. Thinking back to Cher, we see long, shiny hair that has a really healthy glow and is highly glossy, almost mirroring itself. This is where the term "glass" comes from, which translated to German means glass. Your hair will shimmer and shine like a mirror if you try this trend on your hair.

Who is this hairstyle trend particularly good for?

If you are wondering whether your hair is suitable for "Glass Hair", we can definitely say "yes". It looks a bit more difficult with short hairstyles because the shiny effect of the mane is a bit difficult to see. Basically, "Glass Hair" looks very good, especially with long hair. But bob hairstyles can also look fantastic with the "Glass Hair". The effect of the hairstyle trend is that your hair no longer flies, has no frizz, and, above all, looks healthy and well-groomed.

How do I style "Glass Hair"?

Of course, to give your hair a straight look, you need the right base so that your hair doesn't fly and frizz doesn't stand a chance. This is the best way to go about it:

Hair mask: Your hair needs important nutrients and a lot of moisture so that it does not dry out. You can also give your hair a conditioner about once a week, regardless of the hairstyle trend. The treatment nourishes your hair, repairs damage, and moisturizes. Dry peaks should therefore be a thing of the past.

Straightening iron: To make your hair as straight as possible, you can use a straightening iron. We recommend this straightening iron, which even has a heat protection sensor and adapts the temperature to your own hair needs.

Heat protection: Even if many hair styling tools promise to protect your hair, you should definitely apply heat protection before blow-drying, which moisturizes your mane and protects it from drying out. After all, the hairdryer and straightening iron get pretty hot. And your hair has to endure this heat too.

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