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Y2K Hairstyle Trend: Megan Fox Is Bringing Back The Side Bangs


"She's willing to take risks and try things that are outside the norm," Maeve Reilly, Megan Fox's stylist, said of the 35-year-old actress' style in a Vogue interview. So we see Megan again and again in pieces that not everyone would wear. In a patterned ensemble including a corset, for example, which reminds her of her grandmother's sofa, as she captioned her own Instagram post. Or in a three-piece bra, mini skirt, and thigh highs with lots of lace, over which she has thrown a maxi coat. Her Instagram caption: "Guys I had a business meeting today. I made sure to wear something understated and professional.” It's refreshing that Megan Fox doesn't take herself too seriously and finds fashion so much fun.

Y2K Hairstyle Trend: Megan Fox is Bringing Back the Side Bangs
Megan Fox wears a top knot with side bangs. A hairstyle trend we last saw in the 2000s.

Y2K Hairstyle Trend: Megan Fox is Bringing Back the Side Bangs
Instagram: @meganfox

Y2K Hairstyle Trend: Megan Fox is Bringing Back the Side Bangs
Instagram: @meganfox

Hairstyle trend: Megan Fox wears side bangs

Maybe now she'll be just as adventurous when it comes to hair. In her latest Instagram post, she shows herself with a new hairstyle trend that we haven't seen on her before. Megan Fox is wearing a top knot with side bangs! This is actually a hairstyle trend that was the last present in the 2000s, but which could not fit better into the here and now in the wake of the Y2K fashion trend.

We don't know whether Megan Fox has parted with the bangs permanently or whether the bangs were clipped during the shoot, but in any case, the new fringes look great on her. Again, we don't want to deprive you of Megan's hilarious caption: "SpaceX flight attendant, just 8 months and 6 days until you reach your destination."

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