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Hair Color Trends For Autumn And Winter 2023


These are the 6 most popular colors of the season...

The hair color trends for autumn and winter 2022/2023 are here. From light blonde tones to mystical brown tones, everything is included. Our hair color favorites for the fashion weeks in Milan, New York, London, and Paris at a glance.

Hair Color Trends for Autumn and Winter 2023

Which hair color trends are hot now? In autumn and winter 2022/2023, balayage and other complex dyeing techniques will have a break because they will become more monochromatic. But the most popular hair colors of the season are anything but boring. Here are the top hair color trends for fall and winter 2022/2023.

The 6 biggest hair color trends for autumn and winter 2022/2023

1. White blonde to gray blonde

Cool tones are back! At least when it comes to blondes. While the warm shades of blonde clearly set the tone last autumn and winter, this year it's more the cool undertones that are in vogue again. From icy white blonde to a silvery gray blonde, we've seen it all on the runways at fashion week. So you can top up your silver shampoos again.

Seen among others at: Coach, Gabriela Hearst, Gucci

1. White blonde to gray blonde | Hair Color Trends for Autumn and Winter 2023

2. Dark brown tones

When it comes to brown tones, we are currently moving more on the dark side. The darker the better. The rich nuances can have a warm or cool undertone and are only recognizable as brown (rather than black) if you look closely. However, in the autumn sun, you will be able to tell that it is brown. The nuances are reminiscent of a black cup of coffee - are therefore very intense in color.

Seen among others at: Parabal Gurung, Carolina Herrera, Chanel

2. Dark brown tones | Hair Color Trends for Autumn and Winter 2023


3. Aqua Hair

As is almost always the case, a slightly more special hair color trend has made it into our top list this year. It's not a specific hair color, but rather a family of colors: blue. Aquatic nuances are always cool but can be light or dark, extremely bright, or slightly dull. If you want a gaudy result, you need a very light starting color. In other words: the hair is best even bleached.

Seen among others on: Coach, Greedilous By Tilda

3. Aqua Hair | Hair Color Trends for Autumn and Winter 2023

4. Copper

While bright red was very popular last year, the red trend is a bit more subtle this year. But one thing is certain: red remains the trend and is more popular than it has been for a long time. At the fashion week shows, copper-colored hair was sometimes the biggest trend. The best: The hair color is available in different variants. If you like it loud, opt for a light copper that glows orange. If you are looking for a subtle variant, you should opt for mixed forms that contain a brown or blonde component and then only shimmer reddish.

Seen among others at: Miu Miu, Chanel, Anna Sui

4. Copper | Hair Color Trends for Autumn and Winter 2023

5. Glossy Black

Not only do bright colors wash out quickly. Even with black dyed hair, one often has the problem that it looks dull and monotonous after a few hair washes. Therefore, often use a shine shampoo, shine spray, or even a gloss at home. Tip: Since dark hair, colors can make you look pale quickly, use warm colors for your make-up and always apply blush and bronzer to give your complexion a little freshness.

Seen among others at: Parabal Gurung, Peter Do, Capasa Milano, Philipp Plein

5. Glossy Black | Hair Color Trends for Autumn and Winter 2023

6. Warm highlights

We can't do without warm nuances this season after all. Instead of coloring the hair completely with it, more and more warm highlights are used. Especially in the lengths, such highlights give cool, ashy natural hair colors more dimension. Depending on the initial hair color, you choose a lighter or darker shade, such as caramel, honey blonde, or strawberry blonde - i.e. more golden, yellowish tones.

Seen among others at: Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Sacai

6. Warm highlights | Hair Color Trends for Autumn and Winter 2023

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