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Which Bangs Should I Choose If I Have A Round Face?


Straight, tapered, curtain, thick, long, short, asymmetrical, layered… There are many different fringes. Thus, each one knows how to highlight a specific face shape. If you want to lengthen your round face, here are the bangs you should try.

Which bangs should I choose if I have a round face?

You've probably heard it before if you have a fairly round face: bangs don't suit you. Is that so? That rather stigmatizing phrase certainly kept you from taking the plunge, while bangs totally show off a round face. You just have to find the one that suits you best, whether it is in relation to your tastes, but also to your oval. Indeed, hairdressers and hair stylists will mainly seek to lengthen your face with bangs, which will in no way break this roundness that we love so much.

How do I know if my face is round?

There are many face shapes: square, oval, diamond, heart, rectangle ... The shape of a face depends on many factors: the shape of your jaw, the length of your face, the width and size of your forehead. Thus, a square face will have a more pronounced jawline than an oval face which, this one, will be longer. So what are the characteristics of a round face? It's very simple, it's as long as it is wide. In detail, your cheekbones are prominent and plump, your forehead and jaw are rather rounded. Thus, the oval of your face is fairly well proportioned. It makes you look angelic, sweet, and childish. If the bangs you make are poorly chosen, they could accentuate this womanish aspect.

How do I know if my face is round? | Which bangs should I choose if I have a round face?

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Choosing the ideal bangs for a round face

In general, you should avoid creating thick, straight bangs that fall over your eyes. This will weigh down your oval and your features. Too long bangs should also be avoided, as they will make your face look smaller. Aside from them, you can pretty much afford anything. But there are two that are perfect for highlighting the morphology of your face, or on the contrary breaking it up, depending on what you prefer.

To highlight your face if it is round, nothing better than short bangs. Be careful, here we are talking about a slightly tapered bang that stops just above the eyebrows. You can also opt for asymmetrical bangs, that is, one that will be longer at the temples and shorter in the center as it falls on the eyebrows. Thus, your face will be framed and this will bring a slightly more angular side, to break this roundness, but also to refine the features. For a more versatile side, opt for square bangs. It's timeless bangs that work with all face shapes. However, you must be careful not to make it start too high on your head otherwise it will weigh down your expression.

How to properly maintain your bangs?

To have bangs always on top, follow these few simple tips to follow every day. Covering the forehead, the bangs tend to grease faster than the rest of your hair. If your hair greases quickly and on top of that you have a combination of oily skin, chances are that excess oil will settle on your bangs at the end of your shampoo day. But like the rest of your hair, washing it too often isn't good. To space out your shampoos as much as possible, use a dry shampoo and a round brush. Spray dry shampoo on your bangs, leave on for a few minutes and then brush them. The excess sebum will be absorbed and this will give your bangs more volume. Another point, do not to apply creams or products that are too rich on your face. If you feel that your forehead is greasy, pat on the mattifying paper to absorb the sebum and protect your bangs.

It's also important to trim your bangs every three months or so so that they don't get too long. Your best bet is to go and do it directly to a hairdresser. In general, if you are a regular client, he will take you between two appointments and will not charge you for the service. Otherwise, hairdressers make a package that costs between 5 and 10 euros for the maintenance of the bangs. If you still want to cut it at home, you have to take some precautions. First, you should never have wet hair to cut it. Because when they dry, they will rise again, because they will no longer be weighed down by the weight of the water and your bangs will then be shorter than expected! The best is to do it on dry hair and take it to step by step, being careful to follow the shape of your bangs. If it is square, it will be necessary to cut straight. If it is asymmetrical, then you will have to slightly tilt your scissor to create this slight gradient on the temples.

Now you know everything about bangs to highlight your round face!

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