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This Hairdryer Mistake Makes Us Years Older


Try to avoid this mistake when blow-drying your hair, because it makes you look significantly older.

This Hairdryer Mistake Makes Us Years Older
Charlize Theron

When it comes to looking younger, most of the time we just think about our faces. Our hairstyle also determines how old we look. Finally, they frame our faces and give them shape. Our hair can soften angular facial features and give curves more shape - provided we style it properly.

How to properly blow dry your hair?

When styling our hair, we often make a big mistake when blow-drying. We usually hold the hairdryer and brush it in one hand and blow-dry the hair downwards. The hair is blow-dried "flat" and all volume is lost. As you age, your hair needs one thing above all: momentum.

Here's how it works: To get momentum, you should only blow dry the hairline from above. As you work your way down, use the brush to pull the strands of hair horizontally or even upwards away from the head and blow dry – all in one even stroke. This is how you get volume and movement in the lengths. After blow-drying, give your hair the final finish with a volume-giving product. Now you can enjoy the rejuvenating effects of hair that Charlize Theron also benefits from.

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