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Wear The Perfect Haircut With Intuitive Hair Cutting


The perfect, completely individual haircut? Get Intuitive Hair Cutting with the hairstyle trend 2022!

Most of you probably know it: after a visit to the hairdresser, you wonder if the stylist even listened. "Very nice, thank you very much" - then it's off home, very dissatisfied with his haircut, a bit embarrassed and somehow without the red carpet feeling that you had hoped for before. And that despite the fact that a screenshot of Blake Lively at the Oscars or Gigi Hadid at the Chanel Show was shown. insolence.

Wear The Perfect Haircut with Intuitive Hair Cutting
Finally, a hairstyle trend that gets the best out of everyone: In 2022, Intuitive Hair Cutting is focusing on individual potential.

The hairstyle trend Intuitive Hair Cutting is intended to remedy these misunderstandings and finally lead to the right haircut. No more hairdressing trauma, no more changing hairstyles, and trends that are only based on the ideals of the beauty industry and that the average hair type cannot fulfill at all - that's the mission. Sounds good at first, but we looked at what's behind it.

Wear The Perfect Haircut with Intuitive Hair Cutting
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Hairstyle trend 2022: Intuitive hair cutting – this is how it works

In principle, hairstyle trends work in such a way that people's insecurities are exploited. "This hairstyle will make it better", "This color will help you...". When they get home, the average customer can't touch up the cut, even if it was successful at all. Because to be honest: It is difficult to turn fine, stringy hair into an exclusive blow-dry hairstyle. Most people already suspect that, but they don't really accept it. Intuitive Hair Cutting wants to change that. In principle, this is a dry cut. Sounds unspectacular, but in a time when almost every haircut is done while wet, it is revolutionary.

When it is dry, the stylists can see much better how the hair falls, what potential it has, and what the most advantageous cut is. The concept of working with and not against natural hair also represents a movement towards sustainability and self-love that we are witnessing in many areas. People are back in tune with their hair - sounds esoteric, but wouldn't that be fabulous?

The cut is based on each person's individual spiral hair growth pattern - colloquially this is the whorl. Instead of trying to impose a certain look on the hair with hot tools and excessive use of products, the aim is to recognize and emphasize the natural arrangement of the hair - almost like a portrait painter who really means well.

Hairstyle trend 2022: Intuitive hair cutting – this is how it works | Wear The Perfect Haircut with Intuitive Hair Cutting
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That's why the hairstyle trend Intuitive Hair Cutting 2022 is an innovation

Most haircut curricula were developed in the 1950s when people were very anti-nature. Grey hair. Curly hair. Coarse, difficult hair, or even thin, straight hair—all of these can look their best depending on how it's cut. Accordingly, this approach is ideal for clients who want minimal or no regular hair styling – aka the majority of today’s population, influencers excluded. Easy-care hair that looks good in any situation, even a few weeks after the cut, that's the goal. In larger cities there are already a few salons that offer the hairstyle trend, just ask your hairdresser if he doesn't want to switch after the last faux pas.

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