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Let Your Hair Be Greasy: The Hair Care Trend Really Makes Sense


If you don't wash your hair for a few days longer than usual, you give your hair and scalp a break. But does it really make sense to have your hair oiled?

Let Your Hair Be Greasy: The Hair Care Trend Really Makes Sense

Getting your hair greasy: disgusting or awesome?

The beauty tip of letting your hair get greasy or not washing it for a few days longer than usual came up, especially during Corona. Why? Because many of us didn't leave the house for days during the pandemic and were able to delay washing our hair.

The myth of getting your hair greasy: What it's supposed to do

Getting your hair greasy: what does it do?

"An oily secretion called sebum comes from our scalp to keep it supple and to act as a barrier to protect against external influences, such as UV light, heat, or cold. Letting the hair become greasy is like a treatment .” (André Schulz by HSE)

Getting your hair greasy: does it make sense?

According to hairdresser André Schulz, yes, because "the so-called greasing of the scalp regulates the imbalance, which is usually caused by stress and hormone fluctuations." Short-term greasing brings relaxation to the hair and is not harmful. You can try it out for a few days without hesitation. But you shouldn't overdo it with greasing your hair, because, in the long run, this technique may be bad for your health. If too much sebum and dirt accumulate on the scalp, this could lead to e.g. eczema or skin fungus.

How long should you let your hair be greasy?

Since we wash our hair every two to three days on average, you should aim for around five days when greasing it. Depending on your hair and condition, you might be able to manage a week or even two? It's just not a good idea to delay washing your hair for two weeks because fungi or bacteria could then cause damage to your head. Tip: start slowly and gradually. If you normally wash your hair every two days, you could try every three or four for now, etc. Once your hair gets used to it, you can extend the time period.


Side effects: What happens if you don't wash your hair for more than two weeks?

You should not let your hair or scalp become greasy for longer than two weeks. This is a) unsanitary, and b) too much sebum and dirt can inflame the scalp and allow fungus and bacteria to grow.

What should you consider when greasing?

If you let your hair get greasy, you should first remove residues with a deep-cleansing shampoo. When greasing, you should then brush the hair every day to distribute the grease in the hair well. According to hairdresser André Schulz, you should also put a towel on your pillow when you sleep so that the skin on your face remains largely free of sebum.

Can you use dry shampoo when greasing?

“In order to support the hair in the so-called greasing and greasing process and also to protect it from unpleasant odors, it is advisable to use dry shampoo from both a dermatological and hairdressing point of view. Enriched with keratin and silk proteins, the nourishing effect of greasing is positively accompanied for several days with a good pH value," says hairdresser André Schulz from Munich.

After greasing hair: What happens next?

After greasing, you should wash your hair with a mild shampoo (preferably silicone-free). You usually don’t need treatment or conditioner – at least for the first few washes.

Getting your hair greasy: Who shouldn't do it

If you have dandruff, suffer from skin disease on the scalp, or are allergic, you should better avoid greasing your hair for a long time. With this type of scalp, you have an increased risk of developing eczema from greasing. It is then better to wash your hair every now and then with just water, i.e. without shampoo, in order to treat it with a short fasting cure or to get advice from a dermatologist to be on the safe side before greasing it.

Let your hair be greasy: This is the best way to pass the time

If the greasy strands on your face bother you, you can easily help with these tricks.

Put on a headband, for example, or tame your hair with a gentle scrunchie. Hair perfume ensures a feeling of freshness.

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