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New Hairstyle: Penélope Cruz Now Wears Blonde Hair


“Too hot to be blonde.” This was the title of the 2009 Berliner Zeitung for an interview with actress Penélope Cruz. The occasion was the then-current film by the Spaniard, "Broken Embraces", in which she herself mimed an aspiring actress who slips into different roles. Including that of Hollywood icon Marylin Monroe.

New hairstyle: Penélope Cruz now wears blonde hair
Penélope Cruz has changed her look: she now wears blonde hair - and she just looks "wow" with it...

For their look, of course, the typical blonde hairstyle could not be missing. Only: The wig made for it had its pitfalls, as Penélope Cruz revealed in an interview: "We shot in Spain in the summer and it was so hot that the wig literally melted off my head." In short: It was literally too hot to be blonde.

New hair again: Instead of bob, Penélope Cruz is now wearing this blonde hairstyle

Almost twelve years later, the conditions for blonde hair now seem to be much more pleasant. Because on the set in Spain's capital Madrid, Penélope Cruz now surprised with a new hairstyle in blonde. A hairy change that we admittedly did not expect. Because only recently the 46-year-old showed herself with an ingenious sleek bob in dark brown. A look that really suited her incredibly well and that we could have imagined on the mother of two for a longer time.

But apparently, Penélope Cruz or her director had other plans. For her film role, she wears her hair blonde, shoulder-length, and with light waves. There is also a subtle pony that is reminiscent of the currently trendy curtain bangs.

The hair color of the actress is also trendy. Because in contrast to the platinum blonde wigs that she wore in 2009 in “Torn Hugs” and incidentally also in 2018 in the Netflix series “American Crime Story” as Donatella Versace, the blonde hair here is significantly darker and looks thanks to the approach and the subtle Strands very natural. An effect that is reinforced by the simply blown waves.

The outfit, which exudes light 70s vibes with flared jeans and clogs, goes perfectly with the romantic hairstyle in a natural look.

New hairstyle: Penélope Cruz now wears her hair blonde and shoulder length

New hairstyle: Penélope Cruz now wears her hair blonde and shoulder length | New hairstyle: Penélope Cruz now wears blonde hair
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Only: With the best will in the world, we cannot determine whether the sleek bob hairstyle or the blonde hair is a wig. We have no choice but to wait for Penélope Cruz's next hair revelation.

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