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Wolf Cut: What Is This Trendy Haircut?


TikTok and Instagram star hairstyle that takes its inspiration from shag and mullet cuts, the wolf cut is a trendy women's haircut that doesn't lack in style. Focus on this new hybrid hairstyle of two trends that seduces fans of beauty.

Wolf Cut: What Is This Trendy Haircut?

You may have already spotted it via a beauty publication on social networks like Instagram and TikTok without really understanding what hairstyle it was, the wolf cut (or cut de loup if we translate literally in French) is the new hairstyle in vogue most shared in posts and in videos on the networks. With 772 million views on TikTok as of this writing, the popularity of the #wolfcut hashtag proves that it is one of the hottest cuts around.

Billie Eilish and beauty influencer and makeup pro-Danielle Marcan (@daniellemarcan on Instagram and TikTok) is certainly their best ambassadors if you want to get a feel for the hairstyle. They which perfectly wear her wild, casual, and rock style, are indeed essential references if you are looking for an inspiration to share with your hairdresser to give in, you too, to her cool and trendy look.

Wolf Cut: What Is This Trendy Haircut?
Wolf Cut: What Is This Trendy Haircut?
Wolf Cut: What Is This Trendy Haircut?
Instagram: @daniellemarcan

What is a wolf cut?

The perfect mix of two vintage hairstyle trends that have recently returned to the fore, the #wolfcut is a clever mix of shag cut (a trend straight from the 70s) and mullet cut (which made its comeback for a few years now but we didn't really know how to adopt until then). This haircut which combines two hairstyles in one, therefore, takes characteristics of both hairstyles and combines them to offer a cut of a whole new kind. It copies the unstructured effect of the accentuated gradient that is the charm of the seventies shag cut and reinforces the impression of flaunting multiple lengths in one hairstyle to maximize volume. It also maintains longer lengths in the neck like the mullet cut.

On social media, we almost always see her accessorized with bangs that can be of different styles. Fringe thick and straight but tapered at the ends, more or less full curtain bangs that open in two nonchalantly in the middle of the forehead: this detail of the cut is finally transformed as we wish to adapt to each face. But it's still the quilted curtain bangs with a shag cut that are the favorites of beautistas on Instagram.

More concretely, this style of cut most of the time takes on the appearance of a long bob with fringe that does not lack volume thanks to a very pronounced gradient. What makes it special is above all its slightly wild tousled effect, hence its name which refers to the wolf.

Wolf cut: Who can give in to the trend?

Almost everyone! This haircut for women has the advantage of adapting to most types of hair whether straight, flexible, or even curly as can be seen post after post on the networks via the hashtag #wolfcut. It is also suitable for all body types thanks to its gradient which can be tailor-made to flatter your face.

No matter your hair color, this cut manages to highlight both platinum blonde (like that of Billie Eilish and makeup influencer @Daniellemarcan) as well as brown or a more original hair color like gray hair. or two-tone for the more daring.

Only downside: if you can fall for this cut with your eyes closed with thick hair (because it gives them lightness and structure), it is not the same if you have fine hair because too much degradation of your hair would risk you losing what little natural density you have. To be sure you don't regret your change of head, rely on the advice of a hairdresser who can tell you whether or not he or she will be able to work on the cut so as not to. not impoverish your hair.

How to adopt it?

In view of its complexity, needless to say, that you will not be able to adopt this fashionable cut alone at home thanks to a pair of hairdressing scissors. You will have to rely on the expertise of a hairdresser to be able to sport this look. While this rule of thumb is true for all hairstyles, it is even more so for such a specific cut. There is only a pro who can customize this cut to perfection to show off your face and hair.


How to maintain your wolf cut?

Contrary to what one might think at first glance, these hairstyles are quite easy to maintain at home because they have a messy-styled effect that makes the cut super easy to live with. No need to spend hours doing an impeccable brushing, on the contrary, they play wonderfully with their crazy locks and are also distinguished by this deceptively indomitable aspect. Just texturize the locks with a little styling product (spray type) to give them allure and create (and set in motion) their signature style. When you have a little more time in front of you, it is also possible to create some waves with iron to energize your hairstyle, but this is by no means essential.

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