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New Hairstyle: Jessica Alba Is Now Sporting A Blonde Bob


Jessica Alba: The actress says goodbye to her dark brown hair - and now sports a blonde bob.

Jessica Alba has said goodbye to her dark chocolate brown and is now rocking an absolute trend hair color. Here you can see her new blonde look...

New Hairstyle: Jessica Alba is Now Sporting A Blonde Bob

Jessica Alba has a new hairstyle and is now sporting a blonde bob

Short or long, light or dark: the actress loves change and likes to try something new. We've seen Jessica Alba's hair in a dark shade of brown for a long time, but she's now treated herself to a change - we've been waiting for that! On Instagram, the actress presented a blonde bob, which makes her a completely different type. Social media likes it: under the post about the mega change, one compliment after another rain down.

Jessica Alba's new hairstyle: she now uses a blonde bob

"A new day, a new hairstyle," Jessica Alba commented on her video on Instagram, with which she gave her fans a glimpse of the makeover. By the way, behind him is Robert Ramos, who is by no means unknown in the celebrity world: among other things, he is responsible for the hair of pop star Kelly Clarkson. And he dared the chocolate brown mane to give his famous client the trend color for 2022, namely "Expensive Blonde".

Jessica Alba's new hairstyle: she now uses a blonde bob | New Hairstyle: Jessica Alba is Now Sporting A Blonde Bob



Bob in "Expensive Blonde": That's what makes the hairstyle

But what makes the fresh (and currently very popular) hair color so special? The look with spring vibes is all about creating a warm and premium-looking shade with darker nuances and soft contrasts, all built on energy and dimension.

We can see that in Jessica Alba, who wears her "Expensive Blonde" with a center-parted bob. It falls to her chin, is blow-dried smooth, but not too sleek. The bob (even though it's sleek) looks dynamic and voluminous - we love that! With her new look, the actress provides the perfect hairstyle inspiration for the coming spring. Then the fresh hair color trend, which is based on "Expensive Brunette", should celebrate its high and have long since conquered our Instagram feed.

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