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Sparkling Hair: 4 Pro Tips For Styling It Well


Is your hair fluffy and do you have trouble taming it when styling? Here are 4 pro tips for styling and caring for them.

Sparkling Hair: 4 Pro Tips for Styling It Well

Have you ever heard the term "sparkling hair", but you don't know what it really is? Let us tell you more. You will know if this problem concerns you. First, be aware that all hair types can become "frothy". Fortunately, there are solutions to put an end to foamy hair, but also to tame it more easily when styling. We also got closer to Emilie Rondeau, education manager ghd France, who was kind enough to reveal her pro secrets to styling her sparkling hair.

Sparkling hair, what is it? Sparkling hair is porous hair with raised scales. The hair fiber then no longer retains hydration, and the hair becomes fragile, brittle, dull, and dry. Generally, they have a puffy look with lots of frizz. They are quite difficult to style. "Sparkling hair is often hair in need of hydration" completes Emilie Rondeau. And here's how to overcome it.

Use moisturizing hair care

Since foamy hair is hair suffering from a great lack of hydration, it is recommended to use suitable products. So understand that it is necessary to favor moisturizing hair care: from shampoo to masks, through conditioner, or even styling serum. You can then bet on ingredients known to hydrate the hair, such as aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, or even keratin which has the power to maintain hydration within the hair fiber.

Adjust the heat when drying

The second tip from our expert? Always start with low heat when drying our hair. Set your hairdryer to the minimum temperature, then increase it only at the end of drying, when there is about 10% humidity left. A way to preserve the hair fiber as much as possible from damage caused by heat.

Use a thermal protector

Before using heated styling tools, it is imperative to apply a thermal protective treatment to your hair which will create a shield on the surface of the hair fiber to protect it from the heat.


Set your straightener to 185°C

You are aware that the heat of hairdressing appliances can seriously damage the hair fiber. To limit the damage, Emilie Rondeau recommends that the styling tool diffuses the ideal temperature of 185°C so as not to dehydrate the hair too much; the temperature at which several devices are set, including those offered by ghd.

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