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Intermittent Fasting: 5 Mistakes That Block You From Losing Weight!


These 5 mistakes prevent you from losing weight...

If you ask nutritionists about an effective and healthy method of losing weight, the word intermittent fasting is almost always used. Its best-known form is the 16: 8 principle: 16 hours in a row - for example from early evening to the next morning - there is a break for lunch, and for the remaining eight hours you eat as usual. With short-term fasting, the body taps into the fat deposits faster, inflammation is reduced and digestion and the quality of sleep improve enormously.

Intermittent Fasting: 5 Mistakes That Block You From Losing Weight!

Intermittent fasting sounds plausible in theory - but in practice, it often doesn't work with weight loss. The reason for this is usually very specific mistakes...

In theory, it all sounds temptingly simple, but in practice, the desired success is often a long time coming. The reason: mistakes often creep in during intermittent fasting. If you avoid this, however, the pounds are guaranteed to fall (almost) on their own.

Lose Weight: 5 Mistakes In Intermittent Fasting And How To Avoid Them

1. The principle of fasting does not fit the lifestyle

There are different principles of intermittent fasting and you first have to find out which one fits your lifestyle 100 percent. The 16: 8 principle makes no sense, for example, if you get weak early in the morning at the breakfast buffet in the canteen. After all, you should eat in the morning for the first time. The same applies to night owls who cannot do without their main meal in the late evening. In both cases, the 5: 2 principle would make more sense: five days a week you eat normally, on the remaining two days you reduce your food intake to 500 calories.

2. You eat too much

Often the danger lies in equating intermittent fasting with uninhibited feasting - at least during the permitted hours per day. In fact, the portions have to be normal. If you eat the double cheeseburger and the XL portion of fries after the meal break, you won't lose any weight. As a rule of thumb: Carbohydrates and sugar should be avoided as far as possible, instead, a lot of fiber in the form of vegetables and protein sources such as eggs, meat, nuts, or legumes should be on the menu.

2. You eat too much | Intermittent Fasting: 5 Mistakes That Block You From Losing Weight!
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3. Stress as a fasting killer

Do you eat well with healthy foods such as buckwheat, strictly adhere to the breaks between meals, and still not lose weight? Then stress can be the reason why the waistband is still pinching. Because the stress hormone cortisol has an extremely negative effect on weight loss: If the cortisol level is too high, more glucose and fatty acids are released in the body. This in turn leads to increased fat storage, especially in the abdomen.

4. You do not do enough sport

If you want to lose weight in the long term, you have to do sports in addition to changing your diet. Period. Those who regularly jog in the park or go to the gym several times a week provide the body with optimal support in burning calories during intermittent fasting. The perfect choice would be moderate endurance training combined with strength training.

5. Aiming too high, too little patience

Day one of intermittent fasting does not necessarily have to start with a 16-hour meal break. Twelve hours are wonderful in the first few days to get the body used to the change. After that, the fasting period is slowly increased. Otherwise, you quickly fail because of your own ambitious goals and give up again in frustration and way too soon. In addition, you should be aware: Intermittent fasting is a method of losing weight that is slowly but steadily seeing results. This is (thank God!) Not a crash diet in which you lose two kilos on the first day - but which are then back on your hips twice as fast...

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