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Here Is The Haircut Deemed Cheesy That Rihanna Loves!


Definitely, nothing is impossible for Rihanna... The singer even manages to make us love the mullet cut! A real tour de force.

Here is the haircut deemed cheesy that Rihanna loves!

During her career, Rihanna has multiplied the colors and hairstyles all more different than the others: red hair, purple, boyish cut, very long hair... The 33-year-old singer is not afraid of daring, and she has just confirmed it once again! Indeed, since the beginning of the year, Riri has been taking pictures on Instagram and appearing in public with the same hairstyle terribly reminiscent of the eighties! This is of course the famous mullet cut that we definitely thought we had deleted from our lives! On January 2, 2021, Rihanna posted several photos of herself near a swimming pool... And strangely, we must admit, this new haircut suited her perfectly!

Here is the haircut deemed cheesy that Rihanna loves!
Instagram: @badgalriri

Three months later, the business woman confirmed that she intended to keep MacGyver's haircut as long as possible! On Tuesday, March 23, 2021, the latter therefore posted a video of her via the Instagram account of her brand Fenty Beauty. Images on which we could see the artist applying a new complexion from his range ... However, Internet users only had eyes for his hair! "Imagine being as beautiful as Rihanna with a mullet cut... Improbable", "Usually, this haircut turns me off... But on Riri, it's just beautiful", can we read in the comments of the post in question! Another crazy bet still successful for Rihanna...

Here is the haircut deemed cheesy that Rihanna loves!
Instagram: @fentybeauty

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