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Keratin Straightening: All Facts About Permanent Hair Straightening


Keratin straightening promises permanently smooth and shiny hair - without a straightening iron. We reveal how it works...

Keratin Straightening: All Facts About Permanent Hair Straightening

What is Keratin Smoothing? Where the treatment comes from and what it brings

A method from Brazil promises permanent hair straightening that should even withstand rain showers without damage: the so-called keratin smoothing makes use of an endogenous substance. Keratins are fiber-forming proteins that play an important role in the formation of fingernails, for example - and give scalp hair elasticity and curl.

In the keratin treatment for permanent hair straightening, keratin, which is often obtained from sheep's wool, forms a protective film around each of our up to 150,000 hairs on our heads. There it penetrates the structure, closes gaps, and is then chemically "ordered" by heat treatment.

Keratin smoothing at home or at the hairdresser's: What do you have to consider?

Whether at the professional or at home: With permanent hair straightening with keratin, care should be taken to use products without formaldehyde if possible. This chemical agent is considered to be hazardous to health. Keratin hair straightening, therefore, fell into disrepute a few years ago. Today many products are safe, but the rule of thumb is the more natural, the better.

How long does keratin smoothing last?

A keratin treatment at home works in a similar way to a hairdressing salon: At the beginning, the hair is washed thoroughly to remove any residues from styling or care products. The keratin tincture is then applied strand by strand to wet hair and combed in. The treatment must take effect for up to 20 minutes before it is carefully rinsed out. The hair is blown dry and treated with straightening iron. The keratin gives the hair a shiny, smooth, and well-groomed finish. The treated hair is velvety soft for up to five months.


Tips & tricks for care after a keratin smoothing: What do you have to consider?

Proper care is essential in order to maintain the shiny effect of the keratin treatment for permanent hair straightening for as long as possible. As with many other applications, "permanent" does not mean "forever". Therefore, if possible, use keratin-containing shampoos, conditioners, care, and styling products from the drugstore. A specialist shop for hairdressing equipment offers better special products. While the morning styling with the straightening iron is no longer necessary in the first few weeks after keratin smoothing, a little trick helps to prolong the effect: Simply rework with the straightening iron after about four weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages of keratin straightening

The advantages of keratin treatment for permanent hair straightening are obvious: suppleness and shine instead of a frizz effect - and all that without daily styling. However, the duration and costs go hand in hand with the treatment. Depending on the length of the hair, hair straightening can take up to five hours.

How much does keratin straightening cost?

A professionally performed keratin treatment based on the Brazilian model costs between 200 and 450 USD at the hairdressers. Products for keratin treatment for an at-home cost between 20 and 50 euros, depending on the manufacturer. However, one should not calculate less when it comes to the time required. At the end of the day, you have to weigh up: Would you rather style every morning - or invest properly once every few months?

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