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These Haircuts Are Best Volume Boosters For Women Over 40


Looking for a chic hairstyle that adds volume at the same time? In 2022, three trendy haircuts are particularly good for women over 40 and also provide great volume.

These Haircuts are Best Volume Boosters for Women Over 40
Actress Jessica Biel wears one of the haircuts that will bring great volume to women over 40 in 2022.

Do you have the feeling that the fullness of your hair decreases with age? You are not alone, thinning hair is not uncommon for many women from the age of 40 due to hormonal changes. But don't worry, you don't have to just accept the natural change. There are many beautiful and modern hairstyles that immediately make the mane appear full again and compensate for the loss of volume. We bring you three haircuts that are not only hot for 2022 and flatter women over 40 but also serve as fabulous volume boosters.

Long pixie

Long pixie | These Haircuts are Best Volume Boosters for Women Over 40
Instagram: @charlizeafrica

Are you a fan of short hair? Then do everything right in 2022 with a long pixie. Compared to the classic pixie, this variant is a little longer and in some cases has a more layered cut, which automatically gives the hair more volume. It also symbolizes femininity and strength - a real power cut. Tip: If you want, you can also choose a fringe in addition to the pixie cut. It also skilfully conceals thin hair and gives the hairstyle additional sophistication.

Long hair with layers

Long hair with layers | These Haircuts are Best Volume Boosters for Women Over 40
Instagram: @heidiklum

Who says you shouldn't wear long hair after the age of 40? Stars like Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Kate Moss provide the best proof that women over 40 with long hair also look great. Instead of a straight cut, simply choose several layers and you will get even more volume in no time.

French bob

French bob | These Haircuts are Best Volume Boosters for Women Over 40
Instagram: @taylorlashae

The French bob is one of the most popular bob variants and is still an indispensable haircut in 2022. The lengths end between the chin and the corners of the mouth and thus perfectly flatter the facial features of every woman. In addition, the straight cut of the French bob makes it look very compact and at the same time provides an extra portion of the volume.

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